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  • Trivia

    • During the Fall of 2011, following Season 1 of Suits, Patrick produced and starred in the play 9 Circles. Based on true events, it centered around an Army Private who recently returned to the U.S. after being discharged.

    • Patrick was nominated for a 2012 Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Mike Ross in Suits.

    • Patrick J. Adams graduated with a BFA in Acting from the University of Southern California.

    • In the Series "Jack and Bobby" Patrick plays troubled gay teen Matt Kramer. Episode Title: Lost Boys - Original Air Date: Nov.17, 2004. (Season One Episode 10) After Matt admits he loves Jack, he commits suicide. The episode won the "Outstanding Individual Episode Award" in a series "Without a Regular Gay Character."
      16th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, April 30, 2005.

  • Quotes

    • Patrick: (on who is his most mistaken for) There seems to be a lot of Neil Patrick Harris comparisons. They'll be like, if Neil Patrick Harris and someone had a baby.

    • Patrick: (on how he is similar to his character Mike Ross on Suits) We'd get into trouble a lot in school and I could sweet talk my way out of it. I was really a charmer, I was the guy who would get to the office, the principal would sit me down and within 10 minutes, we'd be like talking about some movies or something.

    • Patrick: (On talking about being back in his hometown while shooting Suits) I don't' come from a family that knows anything about acting. That's just not a reality...But the concept that I might actually get to be doing a great television show with terrific people seemed so far-fetched to me.