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Patrick Kake

Patrick Kake


Auckland, New Zealand

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Patrick Kake


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Born on the second of October, Patrick had done quite a bit of modeling work before he was chosen to be one of the stunt and body doubles for Kevin on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys". This built his acting resume, since it got him the role of Mauser…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Patrick enjoys many athletic activities, including martial arts, roller hockey, water skiing, rugby, swimming, skateboarding, surfing, tennis and golf.

    • In 1998, Patrick took a course on Acting on Camera with tutor Irene Drake.

    • Patrick voiced his character General Oreius in the video game version of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    • In 1997, Patrick appeared in Turandot. He played "The Executioner" in the Opera New Zealand at the Aotea Centre.

    • All the acting work Patrick has done is New Zealand based because he says he doesn't want to take his family overseas.

    • Patrick compares his role of Mauser on Cleopatra 2525 to that of Spock on Star Trek, since he's the scientific genius and he doesn't fight!

    • Patrick played semi-pro rugby until he tore his ACL and was forced to retire.

    • After Kevin Sorbo suffered a life threatening aneurysm, Patrick was asked to double Kevin much more in the sixth season's episodes, since Kevin could only work for about five or six hours a day. He went from doing almost all second unit work from being a regular part of the first unit, including learning all of Kevin's lines so that he could act along with the guest stars in Kevin's place.

    • Patrick's brother, who works as a make-up artist, entered Patrick in a modeling competition after his rugby career ended. Patrick was dubious about going from the macho world of sports into the namby-pamby world of modeling, but his brother told him that there would be women competing as well as men, and Patrick, who had recently ended a longterm relationship, decided that modeling had it's advantages after all!

    • Patrick loves doing action films, and he says his dream role would have been The Terminator in Terminator 4.

    • They had to make a full body cast of Patrick to manufacture the prosthetics for his role of Oreius. They gave him a straw to breathe through and then covered him completely in two inches of latex, and he then he had to stay in it for 45 minutes while it set! Fortunately, he isn't claustrophobic.

    • For his role of Oreius, Patrick was asked to stand next to a number of varieties of horses so that they could match him with the right color and size horse for his prosthetic centaur body. He was matched with a bay Quarter Horse.

    • Patrick had a leg up on the other actors auditioning for the role of Oreius the Centaur- he had played one previously on an episode of Hercules.

    • Patrick's last name Kake is pronounced "Kah-kee".

    • It took 5 1/2 hours to apply his make-up and costume for his role of General Oreius for The Chronicles of Narnia every day: 4 hours for make-up and prosthetics, 35 minutes for wig and facial hair, 10 minutes for clothing, 30 minutes for armor, and 15 minutes for the prosthetic horse body to be attached.

    • Patrick is an artist, and draws in his spare time. He also enjoys singing.

    • Patrick played the part of Sam in the New Zealand short film The Hill, which was a winner at the Sundance Film Fetival in 2002.

    • Patrick is one of the few Kiwi actors speaking with an American accent in The Chronicles of Narnia, because he was so used to doing it on the American show Cleopatra 2525. When producer Andrew Adamson suggested he do the part with his normal accent, he was a bit stunned, and said he didn't know if he could act using his own accent!

    • Patrick has done quite a bit of modeling work. He's represented as a model by the firm 62 Models & Talent. But as an actor he is represented by Odd Management Inc, of Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Patrick had never read CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia before landing the role of Oreius the Centaur General in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    • Patrick is 6'2" with black hair and hazel eyes.

  • Quotes

    • Patrick: (on being a part of "The Chronicles of Narnia") The journey that this film has taken us on has been an experience that I will hold close to my heart and one I will never forget.

    • Patrick: I'd love to get a contemporary role, you know, I really would. I'd like a real serious role that I could sink my teeth into, because I think that would be a real test. Because I really haven't been tested as an actor yet. You know, I've been lucky to get a lot of roles, but they haven't been really meaty roles, you know, ones you can get lots of dialogue where you can play with the scene and play with the words. And that's what I would really love to do.

    • Patrick: (on his voiceover work for "Power Rangers") I have to say, I learned so much and I'd love to do more of that stuff, because it's just as challenging as being on screen, it really is.

    • Patrick: (laughing at himself and his acting career) You know, when you get on Shortland Street, you know you've made it!

    • Patrick: Working as the Hercules double [for Kevin Sorbo] was awesome. It allowed me to learn a huge amount about the film industry not only from a practical perspective but also a theoretical perspective.

    • Patrick: (on getting a major supporting role in "The Chronicles of Narnia") For any actor to have an opportunity to be part of such a huge film doesn't present itself every day, and as a child I had always dreamt of being an action hero on the big screen, so to be honest it was too a pretty emotional experience. To have an action figure made out of your character is also pretty cool.

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