Patrick Kilpatrick





8/20/1949 , Virginia

Birth Name




Patrick Kilpatrick was born Robert Donald Kilpatrick Jr. on August 20, 1949 in Virginia. As a teenager, Kilpatrick longed to be an actor, but an almost fatal car crash put his dreams on hold. After months of rehabilitation, Kilpatrick prevailed and started working in off-Broadway plays. As his career progressed, he knew that he wanted to work in Hollywood and traveled there to get his big break. His first movie role was in The Toxic Avenger in 1984, and he went on to star in many action films. He even did many of his own stunts in his films. Throughout his career, Kilpatrick has played either the hero or the villain character. He has starred in movies and television shows such as CSI, 24, and Already Dead. He has also dabbled in directing and producing, and is the president of his own film company, Uncommon Dialogue Films Inc. (UDF). UDF has produced films such as Vain Attempt and Naked Warriors.