Patrick Levis

Patrick Levis


1/23/1982, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Patrick Cannon Levis



Also Known As

Pat Levis
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Since the end of "Maybe It's Me," Patrick has been focusing on producing and his music. He has a band, Least of These. He currently lives in Sylmar, CA. Siblings: Joe and Caitie Parents: Will and Debbie


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Patrick's siblings are a part of his band, Least of These.

    • At the age of 16, Patrick came over to southern California, where he currently lives, to pursue his acting career.

    • Apart from writing and performing, Patrick also enjoys spending time with family and friends, getting involved with his church ministry, playing baseball in the street, and going to the gym to work out.

    • Patrick began playing the guitar and writing songs in February of 2004.

    • Patrick's last name is commonly mispronnounced as Lee vis, when it is actually pronnounced Le viss.

    • Patrick's favorite band is Caedmon's Call, a Christian Contemporary band.

    • Patrick enjoys seafood.

    • Patrick has been in a total of two Disney Channel Original Movies. They are, Brink! and Miracle in Lane 2.

    • Patrick was featured in a Cap'n Crunch cereal commercial.

    • Patrick is the oldest of three kids. His brother is Joe and his sister is Caitie.

    • The songs on the album, Only Begun, by Least of These, Patrick's band:

      1. "Looking for a Joy"
      2. "Only Begun"
      3. "See the Truth"
      4. "Giving You Glory"
      5. "Hear Me"
      6. "The Recourse"
      7. "Worlds Apart"
      8. "Covered in the Son"
      9. "Ordinary Girl"
      10. "Not Alone"
      11. "Lucy Found a River"
      12. "Found Victorious"

      Out of these songs, Patrick wrote the following songs:

      "Looking For a Joy"
      "Only Begun"
      See the Truth"
      "Giving You Glory"
      "Worlds Apart"
      "Ordinary Girl"
      "Not Alone"
      "Lucy Found a River"
      "Found Victorious"

    • Patrick's band consists of these members: Patrick Levis (acoustic guitar and main vocals), Caitlin Levis (bass guitar, vocals, and percussion), Joe Levis (drums), Rick Horio (keyboard, piano, and vocals) and Keith Smith (electric guitar and bass guitar).

    • Patrick's parents are Will and Debbie Levis.

    • Patrick is an avid singer, he sang on two shows in which he acted: "Maybe It's Me" (2001) and "So Weird" (1999).

  • Quotes

  • He's a nice guy!

    Patrick was in the movie, Brink! on Disney Channel. That movie was great! He was also in Miracle in Lane 2 with Frankie Muniz. He then starred in So Weird and Maybe It's Me.

    He is in a band, Least of These. He has two siblings and is the oldest. I met him when he came to my school camp and later when he played worship at my school. He's really nice and I got to talk to him a bit about his acting and his music. He has a lot of funny stories! He's a good Christian and loves the Lord! I really think he's a good witness to others! His music is great! I have his CD.

    I watched some So Weird episodes and I liked them. I've never seen Maybe It's Me though.

    Patrick Levis gets a 10 from me!moreless