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  • Mogomra vs. the Fart Monster

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    S 2 : Ep 3 - 6/28/99

    An aerobics class has a day of Japa-noi Tretching, an exercise program that combines jumping around like crazy while listening to Japanese punk music. / Adair invents a tiny radio that is so small, you can't even see it. It malfunctions, goes crazy, and starts flying around and attacking Antoine. / A man who gets a massage at a massage parlor starts farting so much, that he runs out of the shop, disgusts everyone including his family. / An unpopular kid in school starts to riot by throwing ninja throwing stars in the cafeteria during lunch but is unsuccessful in killing anyone. / A ninja holds a press conference about throwing stars, and his son's failed massacre at school. / Mr. Gregoropolis' accountant warns him that he is running out of money, and can no longer afford to pay for a live-in sushi chef. After some debate, he refuses because he loves sushi too much. / The kid at school tries again to massacre his fellow students as a sumo wrestler, but fails again. / A throwing star fad hits pop culture, is popular with kids, and is all over television. The parents are not happy. / For a third time, the kid in the cafeteria tries to massacre the kids by summoning the lobster monster Mogomra. This too, doesn't work out when Mogomra just starts licking himself and eventually runs away. / The guy that went to the message parlor's farting gets so bad that he becomes the Fart Monster. / Mogomra makes his return to save the city from the fart monster. Although Mogomra loses the fight, he is still successful at stopping the fart monster and everyone celebrates.moreless