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  • A class act on and off the screen.

    A generation of moviegoers may remember him as evil King Edward Longshanks in Mel Gibson's Oscar-winning 1995 epic "Braveheart", but he was a small-screen favorite in the 1960s with "Danger Man" (known in the U.S. as "Secret Agent") and later "The Prisoner". Few people know that he was considered for the role of James Bond before Sean Connery, but turned it down for moral reasons. A devout Catholic, he objected to the supersleuth's womanizing, and he turned down the lead role of Simon Templar in the 1960s series "The Saint" for the same reason. His character Paul Drake in "Danger Man" treated women with respect, and left their virtue intact. Drake also used his wits before resorting to violence. Bond and Templar are okay, but would have been more likable with Patrick McGoohan in the roles. He will be missed.