Patrick McGuinness

Patrick McGuinness


8/14/1973, Bolton

Birth Name

Patrick Joseph McGuinness



Also Known As

Paddy McGuinness
  • Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) & Paddy McGu...
  • Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) & Paddy McGu...
  • Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) & Paddy McGu...
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Paddy was born in Bolton in 1973. After leaving school in the 80s, Paddy drifted in and out of different jobs, including Holiday Rep, Fitness Instructor, waiter, Yardman and Lifeguard. He started acting in comedy with his good friend Peter Kay, leading to them writing and starring in…more


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    • (on stand up comedy)
      Patrick: When you're on stage with the audience, they've paid to come and see you and if the show's going well, if they're clapping and laughing, it's a fantastic feeling. Footballers get that feeling week in, week out, but the difference when you're doing stand-up is it's just you on your own. So that's a nice feeling. But then the downside is the nerves and the travelling and if you get it wrong you can't stop and say 'let's do that again'. It's not an easy job, and for every comedian, whether you like them or don't like them, you have to take your hat off to them for doing it.

    • (Paddy on his on-stage comedy style)
      Paddy: I am not one of those comedians who leaves people scratching their chins thinking 'I don't get that'. I like people to be having a good time and interacting.