Patrick Norton

Patrick Norton


6/26/1970, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA

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Known for his work with ZDTV/TechTV, Patrick Norton is most associated with his work on the technology show The Screen Savers. Currently his work in technology has lead him to become the Managing Editor at Revision3 where he Hosts Systm and Tekzilla


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Patrick can be seen walking across the street in front of the home office of the Ziff Davis corporation on Google Maps' "Street View" program.

    • Patrick left DLTV in 2007, to join Revision3. Revision3 was co-found by Kevin Rose, who Norton worked with at TechTV.

      Patrick co-hosts 2 shows on Revision3, Tekzilla and Systm.

    • Norton is currently a frequent contributor for PC Magazine, for both their computer hardware and software coverage.

    • Patrick is not the same "Patrick Norton" who was the Chairman of the La-Z-Boy furniture company.

    • While working on The Screen Savers, Norton would regularly plug his favorite band, the Celtic punk band Floggy Molly. It is important to note that Norton has no connection to the band, save for the fact that he enjoys their music.

    • While working on The Screen Savers, Norton was the only Host to take every computer help call seriously. Unlike his Co-Hosts who sometimes joked about their problems, Norton worked on solving the problem as apposed to finding humor in other's technology ailments.

    • Patrick is currently the editor for ExtremeTech, a internet-only magazine covering computer and video game technology news.

    • Since he was such a well recognized member of the show The Screen Savers, many believe that Norton was one of the creators of the show. He was not, the show began in 1998 and Norton didn't join the cast until 2001.

    • His hobbies include snowboarding, surfing and kayaking.

    • During the G4/TechTV merger many employees were terminated or laid off. Many believe that Norton was also a casualty of the merger. Actually, Patrick chose not to relocate when The Screen Savers moved it's set to Los Angeles. He instead chose to remain in San Francisco with his new bride.

    • Before joining The Screen Savers, Norton wrote the hardware reviews section of Windows Sources magazine. Windows Sources was a magazine owned by ZDNet, the same company which created The Screen Savers.

    • As of 2006, Patrick hosts the Internet-only television show DL.TV (Digital Life TV). DL.TV is a streamed show that covers technology and tag line is "For Tech Fans, By Tech Fans."

    • Patrick is not related to Peter Norton, the man behind the popular Internet Viris Protection company.

    • Although he is known for his technology knowledge, Norton is the only one of the former TechTV on-air personalities to not have a on-line blog or website.

    • Patrick currently appears on a weekly podcast called This Week in Tech (TWiT). TWiT also stars several other former cast members of The Screen Savers.

    • Due to his love of the clothing and culture, it was not unusual to see Norton wear a kilt on-air for his show The Screen Savers.

    • Patrick was known for using his own sledgehammer to crush various technology gadgets and products on his show The Screen Savers.

    • Norton obtained a degree in English Literature from Pace University in New York City, New York.

  • Quotes

    • Patrick: When it comes to chosing family over a job, family wins everytime. Especially if she's a new wife.

    • Patrick: Kevin, Leo, you can call off the dogs. As of 11:56 PM on March 17th 2005 I posted something on the web.