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  • Patrick Stewart, Fantastic

    Patrick Stewart has always been my most favourite actor by far, the only other person who even comes close is probably Sly, but that's it, even Sly's a distance from Patrick. And to top it all off he's British, you can't get better than that, he's full of energy and likes his cars, In Star Trek Nemesis he toppled the Argo, and asked the producers if he could have one delivered to his house, honestly, i don't blame him. He's Incredibly talented but i think doesn't give himself enough credit, he prefers not to discuss Star Trek because that, i think he is most famous for.

    So all in all, Patrick Stewart is fantastic
  • Awesome actor

    Patrick Stewart is an awesome actor. He showed the ability to star in a sci fi show, and make it believible and bring great ability to shakespear.
    Patrick Stewart's star ability and charisma goes beyond his looks. Generally a short bald man can not be a sex symbol, but Stewart pulls it off.
  • Immortalized in tv, film, and theater

    If you have a character that's bald and likes to boss people around, then Patrick Stewart is your man. I think the earliest movie I've seen of his is Dune [released in 1984] ; that character and all of his since then have been bald. Personally, I think he should strike out and play a character that's not bald, but it's hard to get around typecasting.

    He will always be the Captain of the Enterprise (for me anyway, since I didn't really watch the Original). He is one of the finest actors in both the traditional (theater) sense and more modern roles for a whole new generation (the x-men movies).
  • I guess i don't really have to say how GREAT this actor is!

    As you can understand from my rating i think Patrick Stewart is an AWESOME actor. I "met" him in the "ST:The Next Generation" series, and started appreciating his acting abilities. As a starfleet captain he perfectly transmitted authority, commanding abilities, insight and wisdom.
    They choosed the PERFECT actor for that role, i think Jean-Luc Picard is the best commander EVER in a Star Trek saga. He's clearly surrounded by great actors in the series (above all Brent Spiner and Johnathan Frakes), but you can't really forget his Shakespearean theatrical experience while watching him acting on the scene. I'd say one of the reasons of the success of TNG is the actors selection and Patrick Stewart is the one that better embody the perfection of the cast.
    He's one of the GREATEST actors, perfect in any kind of role!
  • The second greatest person who ever lived!

    That's wright, the second greatest person who ever lived!Patrick stewart plays captain picard on my favorite TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation.Although you may know him better from one of my favorite movies X Men.Anyhow I believe this man is very talented.He really gets into character.Taking the Enterprise through space captain Jeanluc Picard sets the mood as interesting and full of action!With episodes completely about him and his adventures I beleive he is one of the favorite Star Trek characters among all trekys!One of my favorite episodes is when Captain Picard is captured by the borg and assumes the name of locutus!Though I don't wish to give out any spoilers so check this site for the next time this episode is on and watch it!
  • great actor....

    Patrick Stewart is a very talented actor. He played Captain John Luke Piccard (sorry if I spelled it wrong) for a very long time and did an amazing job at it. He just had that voice. I've also seen him in X-Men as Charles Xavier and he did an even more amazing job as that character. He is very versitle and can do several different characters and do them well. He is definately one of the all-time greats and I can't wait to see him in another movie or show.
  • What a great presence on screen!!!

    Patrick Stewart has such a great charisma about him. He is so talented I doubt there is anthing he could perform in that I would not like. And not to forget that voice. His voice is so overpowering. I'm in awe of his voice. What a multi talented actor he is. I have not kept up with his career,(except for the X-Men movies) but I hope to see more of him.
  • empty

    Patrick is a very good actor, really. I like his serious attitude he shows in his movies, like X-Men and I admire most of his works. Though, I must say that I have seen him too much sitting that every time I see him standing up I think he is another person. Anyway, I think that he is a very good actor and very talented too.
  • Talented British actor famous as Jean Luc Picard.

    There is something about Patrick Stewart that makes me compelled to watch him, no matter what the show or film is. He will always be Jean Luc Picard though, no matter what he goes on to star in, I'll always love him best in that red suit on the Enterprise. "Make it so".

    I love his performace as Scrooge! Never used to like that sort of film, but he was so brilliant in it!

    Being a Yorkshore lass I love how proud he is of his routes. So many English actors go and make it big in the states and deny their routes.
  • Patrick Stewart Captain Picard, Scrooge, Bambi's Dad,Bullock and many more

    What an actor the great Jean Luc the great Xavier who else could have been Xavier no one thats who he has a that type of calm and cool personality. However i was very disappointed with his performances in Star Trek Inserrection and X-men 3 The Last Stand. Hopefully we will see him back to old great self with the MAgneto. Patrick Stewart is one of the great British actors and without him Star Trek would be dead he will always be remembered as the best captain of the Enterprise. No one will ever beat the great Patrick Stewart. See ya
  • Patrick Stewart, one of the most distinctive actors to ever appear on television.

    There's something about Patrick Stewart that makes him the perfect choice for a role like Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Whether it's is presence, his commanding voice, or his Shakespearean background he is the standard against which all other Starship Captains are measured. His characters are well versed and well rounded. They are thoughtful and articulate. Even in disappointing films such as Masterminds, he carries the work into territory it might not otherwise occupy. As an actor, his resume is nearly complete. He's an accomplished stage actor and if there were a Sci-Fi hall of fame, he would be enshrined there. He just needs that Oscar nod to put him in the top echelon of actors. I'm confident that with the right role, he could pull it off.
  • Patrick Stewart is a man who has never needed to dig deep for talent because it always came naturally to him as an actor.

    Patrick Stewart, one of natures gentlemen is better known to us trekkies and Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Personally, out of all the captains to command the Enterprise, I favour him and Jim Kirk over the others. Patrick Stewart is an actor that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more. His gift for oration and his ability to play so many different kinds of roles makes him the versatile actor we all know and love him to be. Patrick Stewart is a gentleman and his english accent makes him sound very distinguished when he plays his various on-screen roles. I find him to be very entertaining. Apart from Star Trek, I enjoyed his performance in "A Christmas Carol" and as the voice of Ramsees father in "The Prince Of Egypt". Of course there were and are other movies but too many to mention. The man is a great actor and a credit to the acting profession. He has worked hard to be where he is today and to achieve the great success that is rightfully his.
  • He is hands down, one of the most down to earth loving person you could ever possible know.

    Patrick Stewart has been a childhood hero of mine and favorite since i can remember watching TV. While everyone in Star Trek: The Next Generation was amazing cast wise *everyone of them gets a 10 in my book except the counselor*, It was Picard who stood out, because how he acted, was also how the type of person he is in real life. He has everyone's respect in the whole world, hell... even from Klingons in Star Trek FFS! =P

    He also did an incredible version of Scrooge, and potrayed a roll i never saw him in before, seeing him old and bitter, and seeing his emotions he puts in his acting just leaves me going "WOW!"

    And of course, he portrayed Professor X perfectly IMO for X-Men's movies, despite the movies IMO can't hold a candle to the cartoon series of the 90's.

    Needless to say, I hope to meet this guy someday... because he is a true roll model for everyone.
  • Amazing actor.

    "Jean Luc Picard" was a perfect role for an actor with such commanding presence, and its undoubtedly one of my favourite roles offered by Patrick Stewart. But a glimpse at his IMDb page just touches on a career with the kind of depth most "actors" envy.
    I can't think of anything I have seen him in that I didn't like or at least appreciate his talent. I have not yet seen his "Captain Ahab" but I bet he's like no other before or since!
    The only thing better than what I've seen to date would be a live West End performance. I was THIS close, but no joy. Its still high on my list of "100 things to do before I die"... ;o}
  • Captain?

    I think Patrick Stewart is a great actor. He is very unique and also very talented. I have to say that he has been great as Xavier and Captain Picard in his career. He played both roles very well and he was the perfect choice for both. I think that he has really been good in all of his works as an actor and he's been good in theatre, too. My favorite role would have to be his Captain Picard persona. He was a great captain and also made the role his own. Overall, Patrick Stewart is a great actor. Thank you.
  • I'm haven't watched Star Trek, but he is a great actor.

    I believe that Patrick Stewart does a superb job acting as Professor Charles Xavier in the "X-Men" movies. He also does a great job voicing Bullock on the animated TV show "American Dad." He did pretty good acting as Captain Ahab in the "Moby Dick" movie, too. I'm not saying "Star Trek" is a bad show, I just haven't watched it yet. He has a good voice, but nothing special. Overall, he's an excellent actor, and very underused.
  • Give him a hand... Hes British!!

    Hes British THANK GOD!, Born in yorkshire (like me!) Hes one of my all time fave actors.
    Hes one of the most talented actors ive ever seen, playing Captain Jun Luc Picard AMAZINGLY! and also playing Professor X in the X-MEN films STUNNINGLY! Hes one of the all time greats of the silver screen! Honestly can you belive hes british! Hes the best Yorkshire Man on TELLY!, He Really Should Have His Own Show!

    I think Hes Very Talented And Hes Also One Of The Most Talented Actors Ive Ever Had The Pleasure Of Watching On Television! Make Sure You Catch Some Of His Work! Its Great.