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  • He is hands down, one of the most down to earth loving person you could ever possible know.

    Patrick Stewart has been a childhood hero of mine and favorite since i can remember watching TV. While everyone in Star Trek: The Next Generation was amazing cast wise *everyone of them gets a 10 in my book except the counselor*, It was Picard who stood out, because how he acted, was also how the type of person he is in real life. He has everyone's respect in the whole world, hell... even from Klingons in Star Trek FFS! =P

    He also did an incredible version of Scrooge, and potrayed a roll i never saw him in before, seeing him old and bitter, and seeing his emotions he puts in his acting just leaves me going "WOW!"

    And of course, he portrayed Professor X perfectly IMO for X-Men's movies, despite the movies IMO can't hold a candle to the cartoon series of the 90's.

    Needless to say, I hope to meet this guy someday... because he is a true roll model for everyone.