Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump


4/27/1984, Glenview, Illinois

Birth Name

Patrick Martin Stumph



Also Known As

Ric Stump, Patrick Stumph
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The son of a folk singer, Patrick Stump, born Patrick Martin Stumph on April 27, 1984 in Glenview Illinois, is the lead singer and guitarist of the Grammy nominated band Fall Out Boy. He was originally the drummer of a few local suburban Chicago bands. When he joined…more


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    • Patrick: (on being arrested) All I really have to say is ignorance of the law isn't innocence. I didn't want to give up my Illinois driver's license and was unaware that was a crime. It is, by the way, in the state of California. Lesson learned. I technically broke a law, so technically I deserve whatever I get. But man, is my mum gonna be pissed.

    • Patrick: (on his fear of ordering a drink at a bar) I'm too busy to get drunk. I'll have a glass of wine at dinner, but that's about it. I've still never gone up to a bar and ordered a drink. I have a crippling fear of doing it because I don't know the basic social conventions of doing it. I've only seen it in movies.

    • Patrick: I don't think I could ever convincingly have been any type of hip-hop star. But I'm definitely a hip-hop fan.

    • Patrick: I jokingly say that GarageBand is my main instrument, but honestly GarageBand is pretty all-consuming for me. I can't remember the last time I watched a really good movie or played a video game. I pretty much play with GarageBand.

    • Patrick: (on his gig on 'Law & Order') I've been begging forever, 'cause I'm just a fan. Somehow they let me do it.

    • Patrick (on trying not to puke after Juan was maced in "Release the Bats") There are moments in your life that make you happy, and make you like your life. There are moments in other people's lives that you witness that make you not like your life as much. I think that was one of them. I'm sorry Juan.

    • Patrick: (When asked about the songwriting process in Fall Out Boy) It's like, we're not in bands because we want the MTV. We're in bands because we enjoy doing it. Whenever I'm not doing interviews, I'm probably writing music and he's [Pete Wentz] writing words, and at any given moment we're putting something together.

    • Patrick: (When asked what he thinks he brought to Fall Out Boy from experiences in previous bands) I was in a band years ago, and the guitar player was absolutely amazing. Half of my writing is me trying to play as good as that dude. He's just some weird a** who doesn't do anything now. I don't even know if that dude talks anymore. He's just crazy.

    • Patrick: I used to work in a record store. I'm kind of a record nerd.

    • Patrick: I started playing music when I was really young. I didn't start off on guitar because I couldn't fit my hands around the neck and fret board. So I did the drums. And back then, all I did was hit things.

    • Patrick: (Wentz) just gives me lyrics and phrases and sentences and ideas that are just kind of disembodies from any song. I'm his word editor and he's my music editor.

    • Patrick: (When asked if he can write on the road) I can write anytime, anywhere, on any instrument. One of my problems is I can't be around art without trying to participate in it. I can't read because it makes me want to write. By chapter five of something, I've written more than I've read. Music is the same way. Walking down the street, if something's blasting out of somebody's car, I have to write something immediately. There's something natural about attempting something and missing the mark tremendously and coming up with something different. It's a huge part of music and art. Sometimes I'll grab at Earth, Wind and Fire, and it ends up sounding like the Talking Heads or Tom Waits.

    • Patrick: I love playing Michigan, I'm really excited that we begin the (Honda Civic) tour in Detroit. It's one of those places where we know the kids like the back of our hands and they know us - it's like home.

    • Patrick: I'm really glad I put aside whatever ego I had and just let (Wentz) be free.

    • Patrick: I think you can totally be a totally normal kid from the suburbs of Chicago and go off and play shows. It's one of those things that when you go home, you're still the nerd you were when you left, and your parents still get to yell at you about cleaning up your room, and your girlfriend still drags you to the pet store.

    • Patrick: (on singing) I think at some point I started taking it serious. I guess I'm a singer, and I guess I should start taking this seriously.

    • Patrick: (On the punk rock scene) There's a kind of uniform complacency in punk rock that always pisses me off. If you look at the origins of punk with the CBGB's scene, you have crazy diversity from Blondie to Television to Richard Hell to the Talking Heads to the Ramones. None of those bands sounded alike and none of those bands made the same record twice.

    • Patrick: (Wise words on Paris Hilton's jail time, in 2007) I think she's being made an example of, so I think it's kind of weird. If it were anybody else I don't think she would be judged as hard. However, you should play the hand you're dealt. If that's how it's going to be, c'est la vie. I hope nothing bad happens to her in prison... You know who I really have sympathy for right now is Alec Baldwin, because that's nobody's business.

    • Patrick: (On bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz) He's writing what I'm singing, and I'm writing what he's playing.

    • Patrick: (on events happening in 2007) I think that we're having a quiet revolution right now. You have Justin Timberlake on urban stations, and you have the Kanye West remix of the Fall Out Boy song (This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race) on rock stations. Meanwhile . . .look who's running in the Democratic Party right now: You have a woman and a black guy, that's, like, unheard of. I think that something is happening in American culture right now. A lot of those big divides are starting to break down and it's really coming down to substance.

    • Patrick: That's one of the things that was frustrating for me as a singer, there weren't a lot of role models. The singer in a lot of rock bands get the drunkest, that's what they do.

    • Patrick: I always admired musicians when they didn't talk that much about themselves but they talked about the music. If I had suspected getting publicity would (hinge on tabloid fodder) I would have . . . led a more interesting life.

    • Patrick: I have no patience for those types that ignore their art: those celebrities who forget what they're supposed to be celebrated for and end up just going to restaurants and Hollywood parties – that's crap. If you're going to make art you want to be proud of, you've got to care about making it.

    • Patrick: I like shoes, I'm a shoe dork. I think I have too many.

    • Patrick: According to my Wikipedia, I'm a tenor, which isn't physically possible.

    • Patrick: (On Pete Wentz) Pete is his own type of focal point. I sing better than Pete does, Pete talks better than I do. And that's an important part of a band, how you say what you have to say. Look it's like this Brian Johnson in AC/DC . Why is that name harder to remember than Angus Young? Angus Young doesn't sing but there's something awesome about the hat and all that sh*t. Pete has that thing... if Pete ever didn't want to do the band, I wouldn't do it without him.

    • Patrick: I don't really like attention. I don't really seek it and sometimes I am gregarious, but that happens on few and far occasions these days. I know I am not that famous. But I am famous enough to know you do not want to be that famous. Ever. Knowing now that I am in fashion, or we are in fashion, is scary because of the level of attention that comes with it.

    • Patrick: I think people confuse musicians and rock stars. So when you are late to an interview it is because you are being an a**hole rock star. But who among us hasn't been late to work before? Or when you are having a bad day and you are a b**** at someone you are being a prima Donna, but who has not done that? Because of that, you have to act really unnaturally and calculated as you do not want to be normal. Because when you are normal you get falsely accused of being something you are not.

    • Patrick: (about having and holding a relationship) It is really, really depressingly hard to even pretend that you can be a normal guy in a normal relationship right now. Not many people can relate to the attention and lifestyle I have, and I am in a place at the moment where I don't know if I'm going to be able to be famous and be a normal boyfriend. This is really scary to me as even though I am a musician and that is a massive part of my life, there is a part of me that is loyalty driven and I want to be a boyfriend, I want to be a husband, I want to be a dad. I want to be those things. Badly. Those are major goals in my life and I am so far off them at this point in my life.

    • Patrick: (about Pete Wentz) He's not cocky 'cause of the band. He's cocky 'cause he's Pete Wentz.

    • Patrick: (On when Joe Trohman introduced Patrick to Pete Wentz) I had heard all these legends about Pete Wentz, that he was in six bands at once, that he was the world's greatest Casanova. But when we met, Pete and I looked at each other and went "Who the f*** is this guy?"

    • Patrick: What are your rewards at the end of the day for being in a band? You might be able to get chicks, drugs, and money, but I'm not particularly interested in those three things. Well, chicks, but not in great volume. So really, it just comes down to making music and being with your friends.

    • Patrick: Journalists always run to their thesaurus and call me "cherubic."

    • Patrick: (on not being the front man in FOB) They make it sound like it's this thing that's never been seen before: a rock band where the singer's not necessarily the front man. That's crazy! And I'm like, Come on, dude. As if nobody's ever heard of AC/DC.

    • Patrick: (on when the private photos of Pete were leaked in 2006) I felt miserable for him. Because it was so invasive and so crude and so unreasonable. It's one thing when a flailing celebrity puts out a sex tape. It's another when someone's private correspondance gets out. That's not cool.

    • Patrick: My biggest musical moment in my life was when my parents got divorced when I was eight. I was moving my dad into a new apartment, with all these records, and Dad had some crazy sh*t: Eddie Harris, Herbie Hancock, Taj Mahal. That was a whole lot of new things for me.

    • Patrick: I have problems with being "the guy." Words are not my friend.

    • Patrick: (on when he was invited to write a hook for a Jay-Z track) All of hip-hop showed up – Jay walks in with Timbaland, then Swizz Beatz walks in. Beyoncé was there, doing that dance you see on TV. I had the worst writer's block. So I was like, "I f***ed up the whole Jay-Z thing, so I better write the best f***ing Fall Out Boy record ever now.

    • Patrick: I hear all sorts of things slung at us, one of my favorites being the boy-band accusation. I'm like, "Boy band? I'm fat! If we were a boy band, I'd look good, I'd dance, and I'd be charming – so what the f*** are you talking about?" I write the songs, that's all I do.

    • Patrick: (on his role of writing music for FOB) I don't know if my contribution is recognized, and I don't care. I know what I do, and I'm busy doing it. I'm not one of these guys who sets out to take charge of things.

    • Patrick: I get really annoyed with photo shoots and interviews and handshakes. I'm a musician; God forbid I actually have time to make music.

    • Patrick: I think technology is forcing pretty much anybody in entertainment to end up being better, cause every little demo you do, every time you ever play an instrument ever, someone's gonna see it. Every time you flip out at anybody someone's gonna see it. But then at the same time, there's plenty of awesome things you can do with it. There's plenty of ways that we're able to have kids interact with us so we talk with our kids to see what they want to see.

    • Patrick: (when at the TRL studios for the band's 3 city promotion of "Infinity On High") I'm not tired yet. It's all about the body-clock management.

    • Patrick: I think too many bands mistake sounding like greatness for "being great," and being great is something that happens without anyone knowing it. I just want to be the best band we can be. I kind of have this cognitive feeling that this is the best I'm going to do. The height of myself as a writer, and I'm very lucky to have Pete, Andy, and Joe to play off of right now and to make it better.

    • Patrick: One of the things I look for [now] in a woman is for her to hate my band. I love when girls couldn't possibly care less for Fall Out Boy. But then it's hard to get them to come to the shows.

    • Patrick: (on if the band would go out on top with the album "Infinity On High") I think this band could go on forever - but it could very well be the last record because I could die in a plane crash. I'm happy enough with this record that if it was the last and that plane goes down, I'm not f***ing missing anything.

    • Patrick: (on when the private pictures of FOB bassist leaked onto the Internet) I was never pissed at Pete for being Pete in his own time. I am pissed at whoever stole that picture and leaked it, and for being such a douchebag and having no sense of decency or privacy.

    • Patrick: I've always had a little acting bug, but one of the problems is that if I wanted to do it right now, they'd want me to play a rock star or something. I'm not a believable rock star! If you cast me as a rock dude, I wouldn't buy it.

    • Patrick: [Music is] what moves me. But I don't think anyone wants to read about that. I think that the reason you don't know that much about me is because I don't really care about me. I'm not an interesting story.

    • Patrick: (on Fall Out Boy's album "Infinity On High") It's not I'm trying to make something that sells many records - I just wanted to make it really good.

    • Patrick: We're four totally awkward, nerdy guys, with the coolest job in the universe.

    • Patrick: There's a song by Randy Numan called 'Short People', and I think it's hilarious. I think it's perfect for me, because it kind of has my overall self deprecating 'Yeah, I'm short'. But on top of that, it has this kind of sarcastic separation because the tag line is 'short people got no reason to live' right... and that's like, the main line of the song. So that's funny to say about yourself. 'Oh, I'm short man. Everything sucks' right... and to a certain degree I mock myself and I put myself down. But in all seriousness, I'm happy with myself and the song is totally in jest and the combination of the tone and lyrics is perfect for me. That's my song.

    • Patrick: I don't have text messaging or anything I only use my cell phone to call my girlfriend after shows. I'm not good with electronics I hardly ever watch TV.

    • Patrick: It's like, we're not in bands because we want the MTV. We're in bands because we enjoy doing it.

    • Patrick: Of all the things I have to be self-conscious about, my looks are on top of the heap.

    • Patrick: I'm horribly uncomfortable with being the frontman. With Pete, I get to be the anti-frontman. There's no attention one me; I just get to sing. Pete loves photo shoots, and I hate them.

    • Patrick: Most of the time on tour, I see a city from the bus.

  • Stahp being adorable!

    Patrick Stump is a living cupcake. He doesn't swear too often, he's the only member of FOB to not have tattoos and he's just adorable! Plus, his voice is HEAVEN. Elisa Yao, you better keep him!

  • Ohh Patrick...

    Patrick is the lead singer and guitarist of my favorite band, Fall Out Boy. For a guy who never took singing lessons, he is beyond amazing. Sometimes his voice is sorta unclear, but its still amazing and unique. He can really hit those notes. In the band, he also writes the music and some of the lyrics. I love his singing and his style. His hats are simply awesome. That's what makes him so darn adorable. :] He seems like a nice guy, even though he's quiet. Quiet is the new loud. :] "I'm Patrick Stump and I'm wearing Pete's pants." Haha. Anyways, Patrick is a great musician and he can really sing. Hopefully,Fall Out Boy keeps making amazing music so we can hear more of his amazing voice. :]moreless