Patrick Stump





4/27/1984 , Glenview, Illinois

Birth Name

Patrick Martin Stumph




The son of a folk singer, Patrick Stump, born Patrick Martin Stumph on April 27, 1984 in Glenview Illinois, is the lead singer and guitarist of the Grammy nominated band Fall Out Boy. He was originally the drummer of a few local suburban Chicago bands. When he joined Fall Out Boy, he had neither sung in a band before, nor even had a single singing lesson. With the formation of Fall Out Boy, Patrick was forced to take over the vocal duties as well as learn to play guitar when an early guitar player quit only days before the band's first tour. But he found great success with the band, becoming the one in charge of the music. Besides his work in FOB, Patrick has helped produce material for other bands as well. As the band evolved over the years, Patrick's talent did well, widening his vocal range and helping other bands with his musical ability, not just Fall Out Boy. Stump has also built a strong fan base along his journey and continues on with all his talent and success.