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  • A wonderfully trained actor who was also wonderful in life. An actor whose presence & charisma could never be denied. :idea:

    It's hard to believe that the man who brought us "Nobody puts my baby in the corner;" and other iconic roles from "Road House; Point Break;" and "Ghost" will never again be able to hear the praise that so many of today's rising stars might have admired him for. Patrick Swayze wasn't just good at singing and dancing, he was also good at making an audience truly believe in his characters. He didn't just look like a rebel, he would honestly act like a real rebel; he didn't just pretend to fight, he would fight for real; he didn't just pretend to surf, he would actually go out and surf; and when his character died in "Ghost" and he was no longer amongst the living, he truly made me (and many other "Ghost" fans that I've talked to) believe that he was suffering from the pain of not being able to talk to his wife or enjoy any of the other things that he liked to do while he was alive. Sadly, it seems that Patrick Swayze is now a ghost in real life and not just in a movie, but at least he can now help Jerry Orbach (his "Dirty Dancing" co-star) with his "Dirty Dancing" in heaven where Patrick won't have to worry about a "Road House" or a "Point Break" ever again." Patrick Swayze; acting; dancing; singing thespian, will be greatly missed. :idea: