Patrick Troughton





3/25/1920 , Mill Hill, London, England, UK



Birth Name

Patrick George Troughton




Pat Troughton was born on March 25, 1920 and was best known for his role as the Second incarnation of the Doctor Who.

He attended Mill Hill Schooland later the Embassy School of Acting at Swiss Cottage, under Eileen Thorndike. Thanks to his natural talent for performing, Troughton won a prestigious scholarship to the Leighton Rallius Studios on Long Island in New York. However, when the Second World War broke out he returned to England, narrowly escaping disaster when the returning ship hit a mine off the British coastline.

Patrick joined the British Navy in 1940 eventually becoming the Captain of a motor gunboat on duty in the North Sea.

After the war, he returned to the theatre in 1945. He worked with a number of well known companies including the Bristol Old Vic Company and the Pilgrim Players. In 1947 he made his Television debut. In 1953 he became the first actor to portray Robin Hood on the small screen in a short six part serial. He also appeared in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1954), Phineas in Jason and the Argonauts (1963) and Quilp in The Old Curiosity Shop (1962) before landing the role of the Second Doctor in Doctor Who in 1966.

For the next three years he played the Doctor in a very different way to William Hartnell, who had left the series due to poor health. Patrick's Doctor was clownish, bumbling - but big hearted an loveable. In 1969 he left the show, returning to the series for the special "The Three Doctors" during Jon Pertwee's reign, "The Five Doctors" during Peter Davison's reign and during Colin Baker's reign as Doctor number 6 in "The Two Doctors" with Frazer Hines recurring as Jamie.

After leaving Doctor Who, Pat ventured into film appearing as Father Brennen in The Omen (1976). He also appeared in tv roles such as The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970) and in a guest appearance on The Goodies.

Patrick was never a healthy man and stubbornly ignored his Doctor's advice about his heart condition. He suffered two major heart attacks, one in 1978 and the second in 1984 both put him out of work for months. In 1988 while visiting a Sci-Fi convention in the US, he died from his third attack.