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  • Patrick Troughton is best known for his role as the Doctor. William Hartnell was leaving Doctor Who, and Hartnell himself said, "If there is one man in England who can play Doctor Who, it is Patrick Troughton!"

    Troughton got the role of the Doctor at Hartnell's request. The first Doctor was so old. In Episode 4 of "The Tenth Planet," it introduced the Cybermen. The First Doctor defeated the Cybermen. But the First Doctor was weak, and he died. Ben and Polly were saddened. Suddenly, the Doctor regenerated for the very first time into his second incarnation of the Doctor (Patrick Torughton.) The show's future depended on the audiences decisions to accept Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. As fate would have it, the audiences accepted the choice to watch Doctor Who. Patrick Troughton portrayed the Doctor from "Power of the Daleks"-"The War Games," a 10 part adventure. Troughton left the show after War Games. He appeared in The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and The Two Doctors. Troughton had requested that he appear in Doctor Who in a monster costume, but he died before he could do this. Troughton's Doctor was funny. Pat Troughton made the role of the Doctor his own. He made the Doctor funny, and angry at the evils of the universe. Troughton attended every Doctor Who convention until his death in 1987. Troughton was 67 years old when he died. He ordered breakfast, and requested his own Doctor Who adventure entittled: The Dominators, a 5-part adventure starring Patrick Troughton as the Doctor.