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  • I Love you BROCK SAMSON!!!!

    That "steely" v oice keeps me tuned into the, "Venture Bros!" 2013 COMIC CON
  • Does anyone remember him in the Tick??

    The Tick was based on a cartoon character and only taped 9 episodes before it got canned...(gods know why?). It was one of the funniest super hero show for ages and Warburton was at his dead pan best... Ron Pearlman made a few cameos and one of his team was a hilarious latino character....Bat-Manuel
  • OMG He is the best!

    I just love Patrick Warburton! His voice is just so funny and deep! He can play the dumb guy (Kronk), the tough guy (Mr. Barkin & Joe) and the funny guy (The Wolf, Kevin, & Kronk). He was great in The Emperor's New Groove and Bee Movie. If he wasn't in those movies, they wouldn't be nearly as funny if he wasn't in them.
    And he is just so funny when he yells, like in Bee Movie, "Why Is Yogurt Night So Dificult?!" "I've Got Issues!" "You know what, I don't even like honey, I Don't Eat It!" "And just to let you know, I prefer sugar sweeteners Made By Man!....I know it has a funny after taste, I like it!" & "AWW! That Bee Is Taking Over My Life!!!" LOL He puts so much drama and expresion into his characters, the only actor that would maybe be better than him would be James Earl Jones.

    Here's to you, Patrick Warburton :-)
  • he is in so many shows!

    patrick warburton is many shows including kim possible, the x's, the emperors new school,family guy ect. he is very talented in his many roles. he palys kronk,mr.barken, joe, mr.x and various other roles. it seems like he is every nickelodion or disney channel show that is animated. he is funny in every one of his roles. he is a very good voice actor and is in a few movies such as: empreror's new grove and kronk's new groove. though he is used i many show he is not overused or overated. he does a great job and should be the star of a show instead of always being a co-star or minor charecter.
  • Seinfelt, Family guy and the emperors new groove is just a few of his hights in his carrere and im certain that there will be many many more.

    Every time this dude open up his mouth, i always end up on the floor laughing. His sleazy but very very humorous way to use his voice will make almost any movie a classic.

    I was watching the "Emperors New Groove" and didnt have my hopes to high up, but when Kronk (voice acted by Patrick Warburton) came into the movie, it was just one hilarious movie from that point out.

    He is one of the best voice actors around, no doubt about it, and if a new funny cartoon is looking for a voice actor, please put Patrick Warburton in one of the parts, and you will at least have me to watch the show.
  • One of the best voice talents in the buisiness!

    No matter what this guy does, he cracks me up. I'm 56 years old and I've been known to be a regular fan of Disney's kiddie classic 'The Emperors New School' just to get a load of Kronk on Saturday morning, for God's sake! And he's absolutely perfectly cast as Joe Swanson on Family Guy...that show would never be the same without him. He can go from low key, pseudo-suave and smarmy one minute to raging and manic the next with perfect timing and without missing a beat. Warbuton's middle name ought to be campy, because he has a way of elevating camp to a fine art form. No matter what he's working on. Great talent!
  • HAs played a number of voice overs, and in a variety of shows.

    Where to start with Patrick Warburton, well I guess I\'ll start with my favorite character he voices, Kronk. Kronk is one of the best and funnest characters in the Emperor\'s New Groove, he even got his own movie Kronk\'s New Groove, anyways I think Patrick Warburton was the perfect person for the part, he has that low, but serious voice, which really adds to Kronk\'s character.

    Next he played the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Buzz lightyear series, after watching the show and realizing that the voice was not Tim Allen, I figured out That Patrick Warburton has that type of voice that no matter who he plays you can figure out its him, though he played the buzz lightyear part well, I still perfer Tim Allen in the part.

    He has also be a few series, the only one I can think of is 8 Simple Rules, He played one of Paul\'s (Ritter) co-worker, or boss I\'m not sure.

    Overall: An actor who can act weither it be voicing a chartoon character or on screen himself he can pull it off.
  • He's a spectular actor but he's overused......

    I love his acting but I would love a whole lot more if I saw him a whole less.....

    I seen him everywhere!!!!!

    From Kids' WB! (the Batman) to Disney (Buzz Lightyear, Emperor's New School)

    I just see him everywhere and it used to be funny but it gets scary to know that he's the only guy that can do deep
    voices well....

    It's scary because if he's in an accident then most likely there will be no deep-voiced character.

    I'm not just terrified but a little worried that he's overusing abilites to the extent that no one will tolerate him anymore........

    He is a good actor but he's too overused.....
  • This guy is an awesome voice actor.

    He is awesome in every thing he does as a actor like in Scream 3, or as a voice in Emperor's New Groove, and Family which he does amazing in. He does alot of tough guys like Joe on Family, Body Guard on Scream 3, or as a funny stupid guy like Knonk on Emperor's New Groove.
  • Take a gander at the main page!

    This guy is beyond gifted! His voice acting never fails to make me smile. He can be charming, slick and smooth or totally bewildered and absolutely, adorably endearing. He can achieve the same effects in live acting. Whenever I see that he is going to be on, I instantly know it will be worth watching!
  • This guy is an awesome voice actor.

    No really, this guy is talented. His voice always sounds serious, then he says something funny and he's still all serious. This guy is awesome.

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  • Love this guy!!

    He always seems to get brilliant roles in great shows.

    I'm going to see a film on Tuesday in the Irish Film Festival purely because he's in it. I don't even know what it's called. He was so good in Seinfeld I'd probably go and see him in anything. I have to say that Family Guy has got to be my favourite show he's in though.
  • A great voice actor, but he could voice people other than muscular/tough guys.

    Patrick Warburton has been known to voice muscular/tough guys like Joe on Family Guy, Steve Barkin on Kim Possible, Kronk in the movie "The Emperor's New Groove", and the sequel. He does great on all of these things, and his voice is great, too. I wished he'd change the kind of characters that he voices, but he is talented at what he does. He can be funny at times, too.
    Overall, talented, funny(sometimes), and has a great voice. I hope he continues voice acting.
  • He's able to play a muscle head.

    Patrick Warburton is one of those talented voice actors who only acts for one type of characters. Those type of characters are Muscle-heads. Though he is very talented at potraying that type of role, it would be nice if he branch out a little.

    On pratically every animated show he's been on, he's the muscle head. The most notable characters are Brock Sampson (Venture Brothers), Joe (Family Guy), and Steve Barkin (Kim Possible). Each one of his characters are pretty similar. He doesn't use different voices but does know how to make you laugh.

    A plus about him is he is able to pull off both child and adult humor. Not every voice actor switch between the two.

    Hopefully in the future, Patrick will expand his voice acting work.