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  • OMG He is the best!

    I just love Patrick Warburton! His voice is just so funny and deep! He can play the dumb guy (Kronk), the tough guy (Mr. Barkin & Joe) and the funny guy (The Wolf, Kevin, & Kronk). He was great in The Emperor's New Groove and Bee Movie. If he wasn't in those movies, they wouldn't be nearly as funny if he wasn't in them.
    And he is just so funny when he yells, like in Bee Movie, "Why Is Yogurt Night So Dificult?!" "I've Got Issues!" "You know what, I don't even like honey, I Don't Eat It!" "And just to let you know, I prefer sugar sweeteners Made By Man!....I know it has a funny after taste, I like it!" & "AWW! That Bee Is Taking Over My Life!!!" LOL He puts so much drama and expresion into his characters, the only actor that would maybe be better than him would be James Earl Jones.

    Here's to you, Patrick Warburton :-)