Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson


7/3/1973, Norfolk, Virginia

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Patrick graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. He has appeared in numerous Broadway (Full Monty and Fascinating Rhythm) and Off-Broadway (Bright Lights, Big City) plays, as well as national tours, including Miss Saigon and Carousel. He also made his on-screen…more


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    • Patrick Wilson: I would never abandon Broadway. I do want to expand my horizons with more film work, but I'm interested in good roles, wherever they may be. I want to do both, so I will… unless I never get a job again, in which case I'll go back to my first career choice: chimney sweep.

    • Patrick Wilson: All the available pavement we have is being used for parking of the aircraft.

    • Patrick Wilson : This man took it upon himself to mete out life sentences upon those boys without any of the protections he's had in this court. Is two life sentences too much to ask for in exchange? If not for him, for who?

    • Patrick Wilson: It was a terribly emotional case for both sides in this matter. The jury had some tough decisions to make....But I hope they [Peterson family] do get closure and I hope this does help.

    • Patrick Wilson: It is your whole life in there. And you can pass because of the smallest thing, or not pass because of the smallest thing.

    • Patrick Wilson: We are a family, the tribe, we need to come together and be united and have a vision for this tribe.

    • Patrick Wilson: It's an amazingly liberating thing to be able ... to take your clothes off and not worry about it, because it's not about your body, it's not anything like that, ... (I)t's nice to go out there and have people screaming regardless of whether you look like a Chippendale (male dancer) or not.

    • Patrick Wilson: Robert DeNiro has been trying to get it done for a few years, and hopefully the movie happens and I'll be in it. I've got my plate full right now, so we'll see what happens.

    • Patrick Wilson: He's painted as this big, swashbuckling kind of hero, but Travis didn't consider himself a hero. For Travis, he always thought a leader was someone who puts on fancy clothes. He finally figures out who he is in his last days.(on his character Col. William Travis in "The Alamo")

    • Patrick Wilson: I would never 'abandon' Broadway. I do want to expand my horizons and do more film work, but I'm interested in good roles, wherever they may be. I will always come back, even if I went to LA for a job. I refuse to acknowledge the gap between theater and film. I want to do both. On both coasts. So I will...unless I never get a job again, in which case I'll go back to my first career choice: chimney sweep.

    • Patrick Wilson: To be in a movie or a play which doesn't require me to take off my clothes. Unless, of course, I don't get another job... In which case I'll be half-naked and whole-heartedly depressed for the rest of my career.(on his 2003 resolution)

    • Patrick Wilson: Six years ago, when I moved [to New York], I said the only things I wanted to do was originate the lead in a show, and if it was a musical, then do the recording, and get nominated for a Tony. So now that I've done all that, I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe I should dream higher.

  • Angel I hear you speak i listen stay by my side guide me angel my soul was weak forgive me enter at last master

    I said that because his voice his more angel like unlike Gerard Butler's. Gerry was good but not as good as Patrick Wilson (Raoul) and the Phantom is sopose to be better than everyone else lol. It's true though I wish Brad Little, Michael Crawford, or Davis Gaines was in the movie true phantoms but Michael is the best.
  • I love Patrick Wilson. Literally I LOVE HIM!!!!

    Patrick made his debut in acting when he starred in HBO's mini-series Angels in America in 2003. Patrick then made his way to the big-screen when he guarded the gates to the Alamo alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patric in the historic drama The Alamo. Patrick's breakthrough moment was when he starred opposite Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera, where he made his singing debut.

    Patrick will probably be known as one of Hollywood's hottest acting talents real soon. Patrick was an amazing William Barret Travis in The Alamo, even though it fizzled in the box office. And he was a magnifacent Raoul. His voice very soothing to me.moreless