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  • Angel I hear you speak i listen stay by my side guide me angel my soul was weak forgive me enter at last master

    I said that because his voice his more angel like unlike Gerard Butler's. Gerry was good but not as good as Patrick Wilson (Raoul) and the Phantom is sopose to be better than everyone else lol. It's true though I wish Brad Little, Michael Crawford, or Davis Gaines was in the movie true phantoms but Michael is the best.
  • I love Patrick Wilson. Literally I LOVE HIM!!!!

    Patrick made his debut in acting when he starred in HBO's mini-series Angels in America in 2003. Patrick then made his way to the big-screen when he guarded the gates to the Alamo alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Patric in the historic drama The Alamo. Patrick's breakthrough moment was when he starred opposite Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera, where he made his singing debut.
    Patrick will probably be known as one of Hollywood's hottest acting talents real soon. Patrick was an amazing William Barret Travis in The Alamo, even though it fizzled in the box office. And he was a magnifacent Raoul. His voice very soothing to me.