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    • Patti (on her success): Whether it's my looks or my attitude or my sense of humor, I have always been controversial.

    • Patti: The terrorists have won with me. I am suspicious and terrorized.

    • Patti Lupone: (For any musical she is in with children)
      When you look at the kids on that stage, there are generations of musicians represented.

    • Patti (on Evita): When I came to the stage for this show, I looked at everything I would have to do - from being a stagehand, a musician, a chorus member, and a lead actor.

    • (When asked what is going on in America today)
      Patti Lupone: We have become an Unconscious Nation. We are locked into our individual worlds that have tremendous needs and no one is allowed to penetrate that world.

    • Patti Lupone: (Talking about her family)
      We're not show-business people. We have a life.

    • Patti Lupone: (Talking about her family)
      We're in a smaller house now and bought property on a barrier island in South Carolina, which is looking more and more insane because of the hurricanes.

    • Patti: To be nominated was enough, but when I won I the Tony I just felt relief.

    • Patti: There are those wide-eyed fans out there. But when gay people come to the theater, they come with a history and a knowledge of what they're seeing. They expect more.

    • Patti: Theater is such a personal experience. I always start to recall past loves during the show along with the audience.

    • Patti: The word diva to me means doing something supernatural with something natural.

    • Patti: The word "Diva" originated in opera.

    • Patti: The theater is a tough place. It's not cushioned the way it is in film and television.

    • Patti: The bottom line is that I love the theater. I realized when I came back and put my foot on the boards. This is where I belong.

    • Patti: Smile at a stranger. See what happens.

    • Patti: Situation comedy is so easy. My favorite job in the world. It's 9 to 5, and then you get back to your family.

    • Patti: My music department in high school had all the gay guys.

    • Patti: It's Sondheim, it's his masterpiece, it is the best ensemble that I have ever been in in my life, it's innovative and includes the audience in the theatrical experience, and magic is created.

    • Patti:It's not difficult for me to drop one characterization for another in the same play.

    • Patti: It's a total crapshoot. You just hope for the best. Even if you have a good production and the critics hate it and the audiences don't come, what can you do?

    • Patti: It was obvious to me as a child that this was my chosen path. I was lucky I had direction from the time I was 4 years old.

    • Patti: Irrational thinking took precedence. That's just how it is in NYC. You turn a corner and it might as well be another country.

    • Patti: If it makes one think, then we've done our job.

    • Patti: I've given up the idea of giving a performance where I don't make a mistake. Something is going to fall apart someplace.

    • I'm turning into Michael Jackson. I think I should wear gloves and a surgical mask. I got sick in our first week of previews. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics.

    • Patti: I'm totally Italian, but I'm not a diva. If you could see the way I'm dressed in daily life, that's not a diva. Appearances are so not important to me.

    • Patti: I'm pretty ignorant. I live up in Connecticut and I choose to go see plays rather than musicals.

    • Patti: I'm not as much of a musician as the other guys are, but I used to play piano. And the tuba is pretty damn funny. You're supposed to sit with a tuba, but I'm carrying it.

    • Patti: I'm never reluctant when it comes to things like costumes.

    • Patti: I'm just lucky that at my advanced age, I've been able to continue playing Sondheim roles, which has been thrilling.

    • Patti: I'm fairly tough on anybody who isn't there for the play. I'm very tough on people who are in it for the wrong reason. I'm very tough on people who don't remember that there's an audience paying a lot of money.

    • Patti: I'm always extremely grateful to the people who consider my talent worth celebrating.

    • Patti: I wouldn't want to do an hour-long show. You have no life. I'd like to do a nice fat hit situation comedy.

    • Patti Lupone: I would love to see the producers who are making money hand over fist open up black box theaters and let the composers grow in their art and the audiences grow with the composers.

    • Patti Lupone: I would love to see all of our young composers have a voice.

    • Patti Lupone: I think Madonna is a wonderful performer.

    • Patti Lupone: I think in our business, in musicals, people don't always consider the people who do musicals to be trained actors.

    • Patti Lupone: I see it on the streets of Manhattan and when I look out at the audience: People in the audience do not acknowledge the other people sitting to the right, left, front, or back of them.

    • Patti Lupone: I say two things: Thank God! and It's about time!

    • Patti Lupone: I played the tuba in high school. I wanted to be a member of the marching band. I thought, what can I play that has the most effect? What can I play to get people to laugh?

    • Patti Lupone: I play the orchestra bell! Orchestra bells are really hard. They're like playing the piano. You hit it wrong, it will resound the wrong note.

    • Patti Lupone: I never really listened to Broadway growing up - I always loved rock and roll. Now I'm bonding with my son since I love to listen to Dave Matthews.

    • Patti Lupone: I love to travel. I write about different restaurants and things I've been to.

    • Patti Lupone: I love to come to my dressing room and hang out. I think less about what appeals to me about the character than I do about the entire experience.

    • Patti Lupone: I learned a long time ago from David Mamet to wipe your feet at the door, get it out on stage and then go about your life.

    • Patti Lupone: I knew I could act and I knew I had a Broadway voice.

    • Patti Lupone: I just create, that's what I do.

    • Patti Lupone: I grew up in a small fishing village in Long Island where we had a farm. I'd have to collect the chickens.

    • Patti Lupone: I can't leave my dressing room without everything being in order. Sometimes I won't even let other people hang up my costumes - I know it sounds crazy, but it's all part of being mentally focused.

    • Patti Lupone: I adore A Little Night Music. The original production of that show broke my heart.

    • Patti Lupone: Evita was such a strong image that people thought I was that person.

    • Patti Lupone: Eric McCormack really analyzed and improved on what the writers wrote. I just thought it was incredible how he would help make every scene better, even Sean's.

    • Patti Lupone: Childhood memories I'll never forget.

    • Patti Lupone: Be Eastern in your philosophy; acknowledge the other person to the right, left, front, and back of you.

    • Patti Lupone: As far as the bad behavior is concerned, I think it depends on your circumstances. If you behave badly, you're a miserable human being in your life.

    • Patti Lupone: Anybody that goes to the theater, I think we're all misfits, so we ended up on stage or in the audience.

    • Patti Lupone: A well-rounded performer will listen to all kinds of music. I like classical, Middle Eastern, and rock a lot.

    • Patti Lupone: A show is exhausting when it stinks. It's exhausting when you have to work overtime to make something work.

    • Patti Lupone: For a long time, I don't think people thought I was capable of comedy. I mean, I'm Italian, so crying has always been easy for me - our emotions are just underneath the skin. But I've always had a black sense of humor, and I've always been able to find humor in any situation.

    • Patti Lupone: The audiences that inspire me are the ones that are not asleep.