Patty Maloney





Perkinsville, New York

Birth Name

Patricia Anne Maloney




Patty Maloney is an actress with dwarfism, standing 3 feet 11 inches. She was born in Perkinsville, New York, and began her show business career on Broadway at age 3. At age 7, Patty moved with her family to a suburb of Orlando, Florida.

Patty's first job outside show business was as a keypunch operator with National Airlines in New York City. There she met Joseph Vitek, a 4-foot, 8-inch printer from Chicago. After an exchange of letters, Patty married Joseph at the Actors' Chapel in New York, and they moved to Chicago. There Patty became a keypunch operator with Clipper Carloading while Joseph ran his printing business.

After losing her husband and her premature baby in the early 1970s, Patty reluctantly returned to show business. Her TV series debut was in the Krofft brothers' Far Out Space Nuts. She also was the voice of Darla Hood in Hanna-Barbera's Little Rascals cartoon series and appeared in such films as Under the Rainbow, The Ice Pirates and Twin Falls Idaho. Patty currently lives in the Orlando area.