Patty Weaver





9/23/1955 , Clarksburg, West Virginia

Birth Name



Patty Weaver, who plays Gina
Roma on The Young and the
Restless, joined the cast of the
daytime drama in 1982.

Weaver's television career
began with appearances on
the series Maude and All in the Family both
on the CBS Television Network. She also
appeared as Trish Clayton Banning in Days
of our Lives for nine years. Before launching
her acting career, Weaver formed the rock n'
roll band, the Loved Ones. She continues her
singing career with several record albums.

Weaver keeps busy on the night club circuit.
She has opened for Bob Newhart, Don
Rickles, Jerry Lewis and the late George
Burns in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. She's
a regular on some of the most prominent
telethons and has helped raised millions for

Born in Clarkesburg, West Virginia and
raised in Dayton, Ohio, she now lives in
Southern California.

She is married to The Young and the
Restless writer Jerry Birn.

Weaver's birthday is September 23. She
stands 5' tall and has blonde hair and blue