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Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott


2/22/1960, Burnley, Lancashire, UK

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Paul Abbot
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British tv writer and producer of various shows, and is the creator of the UK drama series Shameless. He has been married three times and currently lives with his third wife, Saskia and their children, Tom and Annie.


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    • Paul: (speaking about his series Linda Green) The whole point of writing Linda Green was that it was an anti-Ally McBeal and anti-Sex in the City.

    • Paul: Within 15 seconds of watching Coronation Street today, I can tell who wrote it and I often turn off because I'll go, 'Oh it's her',or 'Can't stand him'.

    • Paul: What you can and can't say on TV in America is really dangerously constrained by the FCC - That's Nazism!
      I've never seen anything so brutal in all my life.

    • Paul: (speaking about his show Shameless) The stories I tell in Shameless are accurate to what I know. I can point to the source of every single story.