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    • At 'Good Medicine', a charity benefit held by the combined casts of Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice in February 2008, Paul sang & played the guitar to the Paul Simon song "Slip Slidin' Away". He also played piano and performed back-up vocals for the song "California Stars" with his Private Practice co-stars.

    • During his time in college Paul belonged to 'Phi Beta Kappa', an academic honor society with the mission of "fostering and recognizing excellence" in the undergraduate liberal arts and sciences.

    • Paul is of Jewish descent.

    • Paul began his acting career with the stage company 'New Crime Productions.'

    • Paul appeared in the stage productions of Good Bye Stranger, and A Clockwork Orange while working with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

    • Paul was cast in the pilot of Nobody's Watching, it failed to be picked up by a network, but became a popular video on YouTube. In 2007 NBC ordered scripts for show creator Bill Lawrence.

    • Paul's band Doris released the album "Between You and Me" in 2006.

    • Paul has toured and recorded with David Singer and the 'Sweet Science.'

    • Paul was set to play Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy, but had to drop out of the role due to schedule conflicts.

    • Paul originally auditioned for the role of Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break.

    • After Paul got the role of Kellerman in Prison Break, He immersed himself in literature about the Secret-Service and the Special Forces, both aspects of his character's back story. He even read an interrogation handbook.
      Paul also talked to several Secret-Service agents and a Special Forces operative to help get himself into character more.

    • Paul Adelstein is 6'2" (1.88m).

  • Quotes

    • (on playing good guys, or bad guys)
      Paul Adelstein: I don't have a preference, really. It's certainly fun to play someone who elicits such a strong reaction from people, even if it is negative. The challenging thing is to try to put myself on the other side of the political argument, which is completely opposite the side I'm on myself.

    • [On what he did in college]
      Paul Adelstein: Did you ever play tackle football on a homemade ice rink without skates at 3 a.m. and separate your shoulder and keep playing and not be able to raise your arm above your head for six months and then keep re-injuring it on the set of a Michael Mann movie? Did you ever sneak two cases of beer into the newly constructed science building as a senior and drink it all with your friends until 2 a.m. and then go and knock on all the doors of the first years to wake them up and say, "I used to live here!!"? Did you ever rip the stop sign out of the ground across from the hockey rink and drag it to Harpswell Apartments, put it in your friend's bed, and then call the dean to tell him it was there? God, college was boring. Now, I have to go play cops with Mark Ruffalo.

    • [On what he has in common with the character Paul Kellerman]
      Paul Adelstein: His first name is Paul.

    • Paul Adelstein (on the main event of Prison Break and it's second season): Wentworth's idea is that the two of us only meet in the very last scene of the very last episode. So-(joking)that's like 10 - 12 years down the road. But yeah - I like that they haven't met face to face. I'd love to work with Wentworth but I think there is something about Michael being up against forces that he can't put a face to. That is really important for the show. I think this season Mahone is the face of the conspiracy in a way and I am still in the shadows a little bit and dramatically I think that's pretty good.

    • Paul Adelstein: I would do away with the best friend, male or female … who can only ask questions. `Did he call?' `What did you wear?' `Do you like her?' `You did what?' The completely character-less friend. They're not even there for humor's sake, they are there only for exposition.

    • Paul Adelstein (on his "Prison Break" character): He certainly knows the truth about the case, but he's also loyal to the president and would move mountains for her. He may not realize what's really going on at the top, and that's where he hits a wall in coming episodes. I did a lot of research on these agents, and to a certain degree, you have to be a robot. But my character's not totally a robot. What's fun is finding the balance between that and his human side.

    • Paul Adelstein (On his character in Prison Break): I think whats important about Kellerman and a character like Kellerman is that you might look at him as the bad guy but he has a mission and he is gonna get the mission that he has been assigned to him... done in anyway possible. He fully believes that what he is doing is for the good of the country so this guy does not think he is a bad man at all. He thinks in-fact he is doing absolutely the good thing for a higher cause.

    • Paul Adelstein (About his character in "Prison Break"): My characters name is Special Agent Kellerman, Secret Service and what I like most about playing him is he's extremely effective and efficient and streamlined.