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    • [On what he did in college]
      Paul Adelstein: Did you ever play tackle football on a homemade ice rink without skates at 3 a.m. and separate your shoulder and keep playing and not be able to raise your arm above your head for six months and then keep re-injuring it on the set of a Michael Mann movie? Did you ever sneak two cases of beer into the newly constructed science building as a senior and drink it all with your friends until 2 a.m. and then go and knock on all the doors of the first years to wake them up and say, "I used to live here!!"? Did you ever rip the stop sign out of the ground across from the hockey rink and drag it to Harpswell Apartments, put it in your friend's bed, and then call the dean to tell him it was there? God, college was boring. Now, I have to go play cops with Mark Ruffalo.