Paul Barber (II)

Paul Barber (II)


3/18/1951, Liverpool, England, UK

Birth Name

Patrick Barber


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Probably best known for playing Denzil in Only Fools and Horses, Paul Barber has also appeared in numerous tv shows including Boys From the Blackstuff, Porridge and Gangsters.
His film credits include The Full Monty and The Long Good Friday.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He was originally one of five children.

    • His first acting break came after going to an audition for the musical Hair, as moral support for his friend. When his friend was unsuccessful, Paul was asked to audition, which led him to being offered a part in the show.

    • His mother came from Liverpool, but his father was originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa.

    • He currently (Aug 2007) lives on his own by the sea in Clacton, Essex, UK.

    • Paul is 6'2" tall.

    • He co-starred with Philip Whitchurch(The Bill), in the 1985 UK comedy series The Brothers MacGregor.

    • In September 2001, Paul narrated a public information video for The Alzheimer's Society in the UK, which was targeted at ethnic minority groups.

    • In 2007, he published an autobiographical book called Foster Kid, about his troubled and often cruel upbringing as a black foster child in Liverpool in the 1950s.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: (talking about his Only Fools and Horses character, Denzil) He's just a nice guy and that's his trouble. He always falls for it and then he knows he's landed himself in it.

    • Paul: (talking about his career) In the early days most of the TV parts i was offered were either muggers or pimps. I cornered the market. Nowadays I'm being asked to play old geriatrics or fathers who are concerned about their sons taking drugs.

    • Paul: (talking about Only Fools and Horses) It's nice to be part of something that grips the nation and has them in stitches.It was great fun.

    • Paul: (talking about his first audition) The director turned his eyes on me and said would you like to have a go and as i did it i could see his eyes light up. Suddenly and for the first time, someone was taking an interest in me, the way i was singing and moving and dancing on stage, and i thought 'my god, someone likes me and they want me to be in this musical! (Hair)

    • Paul: I was never aware that Fools And Horses was going to be so popular. I just thought it was another acting job.

    • Paul: None of us had a clue that the film (The Full Monty) would explode the way it did. If we did I'd have got my agent to renegotiate my fee - or better still get me a portion of the box office.