Paul Benedict





9/17/1938 , Silver City, New Mexico (USA)



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Paul Benedict was an American actor who is best known for his numerous appearances on both television and film throughout the 1960s. Born in 1938, the New Mexico native suffered from a disorder called acromegalia in his youth which distorted his largely pronounced jaw. His first major role came in 1975 when he played the role of Harry Bentley on the hit television series, The Jeffersons until 1981. During that time, Benedict had a notable supporting role in the movie, The Good Girl (1977), which was followed by a number of similar film roles until the mid to late 1990s. In addition to film and television, Benedict was also an accomplished theater actor, with numerous appearances on Broadway. Most notable among them is a co-starring role with Al Pacino in the stage play, Hughie (1996). In 2008, the actor and director passed away in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts at age 70. In 2009, in honor of his past work, Benedict was awarded the Elliot Norton Award by the Boston Theater Critics Association posthumously.