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  • Well done

    If he is supposed to be an annoying character he succeeds and does it better than anyone could expect.
  • Only seen him in "The River".

    Great actor. Handsome.
  • Seen him on a few shows and loved him in each one.

    This man, with a hard name, is a great actor.

    He seems to be able to act many different rolls.

    The main thing he is on is the Dresden Files though.

    The show is great and his acting pulls it through all the way.

    I never knew he could act like that from the first time I saw him, on Monk. On Monk he seemed really serious and his very was really really deep.

    On the Dresden Files though, his whole person is different. To be able to do that makes him even more in my eyes.

    I do hope they bring his show back for another season.
  • Absolutely love him!

    I have absolutely adored Paul Blackthorne ever since he played my favorite - not to mention the best looking - bad guy Stephen Saunders on he 3rd season of 24. Since then, I watched every episode of The Dresden Files on SciFi, which I found to be very entertaining and well-acted, and realized that Paul is not only incredibly yummy to look at, but also is funny, relatable, intelligent and immensely talented in acting and photography. I hope he uses his fame and fanbase to work more here in the states - I know I will watch any film or TV show that Paul Blackthorne is a part of.
  • Paul Blackthorne is a new discovery to me. I can't wait to see how his character on the new Sci-Fi tv show "The Dresden Files" evolves.

    I first discovered Paul Blackthorne when watching a rerun of an episode of "24" (I am not a fan of the show). i found him to be interesting to watch, not to mention attractive. Then, when seeing preview for "The Dresden Files" on Sci-Fi I knew I had to tune in. Upon watching the first episode I was hooked. Paul can handle an American accent with the best of them. And I think he embodies the character of "Harry Dresden" with ease. Paul fits. He has great chemistry with his co-stars and I am always eager to see each new episode. Paul, keep up the great work!