Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher


2/14/1994, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Paul Matthew Hawke Butcher



Also Known As

Paul Butcher Jr.
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Paul Butcher is the son of former NFL linebacker that used to play for the Carolina Panthers, Paul Butcher. Paul began his acting career at age 7 and started doing minor roles on The Bernie Mac Show. He has guest-starred on many shows and has been in a…more


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    • Paul: I'm really excited about recording my album. Acting is relaxing and fun, but music is more "go-go-go" and fun. They're completely different, and I really enjoy them both.

    • Paul: The Kids Choice Awards was really fun. I hung out with some of my Zoey 101 friends, and we had a great time.

    • Paul: Checked out the red carpert at one of my favorite theaters in Los Angeles, "The El Captain!" I was there for the premiere of Meet the Robinsons. I really had a good time doing the voice of Stanley in the movie and I was excited to attend the premiere.

    • Paul: This is the place to find media articles, television interviews and photos from red carpet events that I attended. Red carpet events are so awesome! I get to meet fans, eat great food, and sometimes get neat gifts.

    • Paul: Sometimes I take my parents, but most times I'll attend movie premieres with my Zoey pals or other friends. Back in 2005, Zoey 101 was nominated for an Emmy Award! It was way cool to go to Emmys with my castmates. I wore a real stylin' tux and we all rode there in a huge stretch limo. That was really cool!

    • Paul: It's lots of fun to arrive at different events and have the paparazzi all around. But it is even more special, when it is the world premiere of a movie that I was in, like Disney's Meet The Robinsons. Wow, there was lots of press there that day!

    • Paul: Granted, I have the awesome perk of playing Jaime Lynn Spears' younger brother on TV, but there is so much more to the real Paul Butcher! ...

    • Paul: I do a lot of teen shows and voice over work for animation, so when I got the part in The Number 23 it was really cool because now I get to be in a movie with Jim Carrey. Acting in this movie was really a learning experience for me. I still played this young kid, but very different from my character in Zoey 101 or any of the characters I've played in the past. This film is very mysterious and dark, and I think that my experience in doing this film exposed me to something different and more mature. I hope to do more projects like this in the future.

    • Paul: Love doing voice overs! I've done so much of them from the time I was seven years old, and I never get tired. I always see each voice characterization as a full blown acting gig. I still get into character, and I really enjoy the process. For Barnyard I did the voice of a "chick," which was really a blast because I had to manipulate my voice to another pitch.

    • Paul: The cast and crew of this show are the best! I loved being on the set and the whole atmosphere was just really fun and cool. I played the well dressed kid on the 6th episode of the first season. Well dressed kid is just that-a well dressed kid who wears expensive suits. My character actually says a really funny line in the episode about how he wouldn't even look at a suit that "only cost $150." This character is definitely fictional I don't know any guy who would say that. As a young actor, I really believe doing guest appearances on different shows is the best training because I have the chance to work with different actors, directors, and crew members. It was a blast doing this episode.

    • Paul: I was glad when I got the call back to do the episode for Without a Trace. Doing drama is a very welcome departure from comedy. Although I love doing both, I like to change it up a bit once in a while with roles in serious drama. I appear in the episode titled "One and Only" on the 5th season of the show.

    • Paul: When I got a call to do the voice of Johnny in an episode of American Dad titled "I Can't Stan You," it was a great opportunity to be a part of a really funny cutting-edge show on television. I really got into the character and I was able to do some improvisation, which allowed me to mix in part of my personality into the script.

  • He plays Dustin on the show Zoey 101.

    Paul Bucher is really cute and really talented and has performed on alot of TV shows and has guest starred on shows too. I really like his acting on Zoey 101 and to bad he doesn't appear in all the episodes I wish. He started acting at the age of seven or six and has been doing a good job with it. I hope when he grows up he will be a great male actor that has performed on alot of TV shows. He is talented and I wish I could just meet him right now and meet all the casts from Zoey 101.moreless
  • Plays Dustin on Zoey 101

    Paul Butcher was born on February 14, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. He was born on Valentine's Day! Anyways, he is best known as playing Dustin Brooks on Zoey 101. He plays the little brother of main character, Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears). He is a lot of episodes and is counted as a star, but he isn't in very much of the 3rd season. Maybe he was busy with something. I don't know. I've only seen Paul in Zoey 101, and nothing else. He does have a decent amount of talent, and should have more roles on TV or on the big screen. Who knows.moreless