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  • This guy is wicked. He can play such a variety of roles!

    I admired his work in the Pretender. He played the role of Angelo amazingly. Most of the time he had no lines but he was still a key character. It takes a lot more work to create a believable character who has no lines than one who can be propped up with words.

    I just watched him in CSI and he was such a different character, a kinda bad guy, only not. His character was so much more selfconfident and cocky. I recognised him intantly because of the way he talks. He has such a wicked accent, it stands out from the crowd.

    They should give this guy a show. He could probably pull it off really well.
  • He's cool

    Once again I am dissapointed to see that another great actor has no reviews. This is the guy who played Angelo come on he suffered enough and now no one even cares. He was even in Austin Powers and who doesn't love the crazy Irish guy. So here's just to say this is an awsome actor.