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  • Paul Dini is alright.


    I think Paul Dini is an alright writer. Some of his episodes were really good. But his other episodes were alright. I hated his Batman TAS episodes like "The Worry Men", "Joker's Wild", and "Trial".

    But his Batman TAS episodes "Heart of Ice" and "Mad as a Hatter" were really good.

    He was alright with tiny toon adventures. I think he did a fine job with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

    I didn't liked his episodes for Superman. I thought his episodes for Superman Animated Series were quite slow. That is one of the reasons why I thought Paul Dini was alright.
  • Powerhouse!

    This guy is just a all out powerhouse! who doesn't like Paul Dini, really, Paul is a great writer and he just does everything! his episode for Lost was a great, spectacular, awesome, jaw dropping, and suspenseful, trust me I could go on forever but its getting annoying! he is such a great episode. I actually just saw the episode that he wrote just now, and I have to hand it to him, he is a great writer and I really hope there is more that I can see of him on lost because he is a great writer creating everything a Lost watcher needs because Lost fanatics really want their Lost to rock@
  • He and Dwayne Mcduffie are the all time greats.

    Paul Dini has wrote atleast one episode of the DCAU. (Not counitng TT and The Batman.) He is currently working on the show Krypto the Superdog and writting an episode of JLU season 3 featuring Supergirl. Paul Dini is talented. He helped write my favorite episode of Duck Dodgers. "Green Loontern" Paul Dini is a writter of Comics and Cartoons. He is well... the greatest writter. He was involved on BTAs and wrote almost every one of BTA's Joker episodes. He created my favorite villaness, Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn became a popular character and got her own comic book. When BBRTJ killed off Harley Quinn, he wrote a way to get back in. He is one of my favorite writters. Jeep up the good work Paul!