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  • from dj to his lutenite dilando, paul dobson has brouth back anime for the world to enjoy, he is in insperation to children every where and is know for his villan roles like folkin fanel(escaflowne) and naraku (inuyasha)

    when u watch alot of anime u will have to listen to people ask you, who is your favorite voice actor. Whne u say paul dobson is your favorite you here this " HES EVERYONES FAVORITE". Paul dobson is best know for his villan role such as: folkin fanel in escaflowne, Naraku in inuyahs and more. He has to brothers that also work in the voice acting buss. mike and brian. Paul and his 2 brothers only have one anime show that they each hade voices in and that is escaflowne. If anything paul and his bros are the 3 muskateres of anime!