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  • Trivia

    • Before Paul first worked with The Wiggles, he did different jobs.

      Tipstaff to His Honour Justice James Wood

      Supreme Court of New South Wales


      Investigations Administration Officer

      The Royal Commision into the N.S.W Police Service


    • According to the end credits of the Wiggles' Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas video, Paul worked in an office.

    • Paul Field was the narrator in some of the Wiggles' electronic storybooks such as "The Lost Joey" and "How Wags Almost Missed the Show".

    • Paul has a tattoo of his deceased daughter Bernadette's name and birthday on his right arm, and the names of his four surviving children: Luke, Clare, Joseph, and Dominic on his left.

    • Paul taught three years at St. Joseph's College in Hunter's Hill in the early 1980s.

    • Paul's daughter, Bernadette, died at the age of eight months from SIDS, ironically, on Red Nose Day, September 2, 1988, while he and his brothers were on tour for the Cockroaches. This tragic event led to the breakup of the band, but also inspired the later formation of The Wiggles by his brother Anthony. The first Wiggles album was dedicated to her.

    • Paul got his Certificate of Religious Education in 1995.

    • Paul's father was a pharmacist and his stories about his work with his clients had helped keep Paul and his brothers away from drug abuse so they could focus on music.

    • Paul has worked for the NSW Supreme Court as a clerical assistant.

    • Paul got his Diploma of Teaching in 1983 at the Australian Catholic University – Castle Hill campus, with specialty in English, history, and drama.

    • Paul Field played Captain Feathersword in the Wiggles' Big Red Car video in 1995 as shown in "Do the Flap" and the end credits. He was also seen in the Wiggles' first concert video: "Wiggledance!" along with his children. In 1998, at the request of his brother, Anthony, he became the Wiggles' manager when he began working.

    • Paul has a platinum and gold album to his credit from his Cockroaches days.

    • Paul was the singer of the Australian band, the Cockroaches, which featured future Wiggle members Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt.

    • Paul and Anthony (the blue Wiggle) are brothers.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: (on Sounds) It's good to do solo a few and then you know hopefully the next time we're even with no doubts, the way we go. It's been great, great new for us for sure.