Paul Frees





6/22/1920 , Chicago, Illinois, USA



Birth Name

Solomon Hersh Frees




Paul Frees was a master of voices, including Ludwig von Drake in several Disney television shows.

His voice has been heard at many Disney attractions. He was the narrator in "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln", and "Adventure Through Inner Space". In addition to providing the voice of the Haunted Mansion 'Ghost Host', Mr. Frees also supplied voices for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Mr. Frees was also an actor, appearing in television and movies, including a role in the original movie, The Thing.

He was the narrator for the 1953 War of the Worlds. He also acted in When Worlds Collide. Many people recall Mr. Frees as the voice of the spinning rings, in The Time Machine, and as the narrator for Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

In addition to his movies, and voice-over work for Disney, Mr. Frees worked on several Glenn Larson productions for television, including Knight Rider, Battlestar Gallactica, and Buck Rogers.

Mr. Frees provided the voices of George and John, in the animated show, The Beatles. He was also the voice of Morocco Mole in Secret Squirrel, Fluid Man in The Impossibles, and Wally Walrus in Woody Woodpecker.

In addition, Mr. Frees will be fondly remembered as the versatile actor who provided voices for Boris Badanov, Captain Peachfuzz, and Inspector Fenwick, in the cartoon series Rocky and Bullwinkle.

However, in the acting community, Mr. Frees probably earned his greatest acclaim as the original voice of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and as the voice of Fruit Loop's Toucan Sam.

Even up to two years after his passing he had new movie credits for children's shows.