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  • Trivia

    • Paul was only diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer that is linked to asbestos, three weeks before he died from it.

    • Paul is best remembered for his role of Principal Richard Vernon in the movie "The Breakfast Club".

    • Paul directed the play "A Couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking" at the WestwoodPlayhouse in Los Angeles.

    • Paul decided to become an actor after seeing the movie "Splendor in the Grass" with his friend, author Jack Kerouac, in 1961.

    • Paul's broadway debut was in 1971, performing in Neil Simon's "The Gingerbread Lady".

    • Paul has written three plays; "Bush" performed at the Harold Clurman Theatre in New York City in 1982, "Crowbar" performed at the West Bank Theatre in New York City in 1984 and "Batting Practice" performed at the Raft Theatre in New York City in 1988.

    • Paul had published a book of his poetry called "Uleta Blues". Uleta is the city that Paul grew up in.

    • Paul appeared in the music video for the A-Teens song "Dancing Queen".

    • Paul was 6' ½" (1.84m) tall.

    • Paul's parts in the movies "C'mon, Let's Live a Little" and "Hit Man" were uncredited.

    • Paul enjoyed playing in celebrity golf tournament and signing autographs for his fans at these events.

    • In 2004 Paul did a TV commercial for Will Rogers Institute.

    • Paul's parents were Eleanor and George L. Gleason. She was a registered nurse and he was a restaurateur, professional boxer, iron worker, and roofing manufacturer.

    • In the late 1950's, before becoming an actor, Paul played minor league baseball with the Cleveland Indians for two seasons.

    • Paul was in two TV pilots; Anything for Love in 1985 and Supercarrier in 1988. Neither show was picked up.

    • Paul was married to actress Candy Moore from March 13, 1971 to 1978, they had two children, Shannon and Kaitlin. He was married to Susan Kehl from August 1995 till his death on May 27, 2006. He also had one granddaughter at the time of his death.

    • Paul attended North Miami High School.

    • Gleason was a member of the Actors Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    • Gleason had owned a restaurant.

    • Gleason attended Florida State University, graduating in 1966. While there he played football, two of his teammates were fellow actors Robert Urich and Burt Reynolds.

  • Quotes

    • Paul Gleason: I went into acting because I had nothing more sensible to do. However, once I began acting classes with Lee Strasberg at the Actor's Studio in New York, I found it stimulating and rewarding.