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Paul Goddard is best known to fans for his work as Stark on Farscape. Stark's first appearance came toward the end of season one. He reappeared again halfway through season two and was added as regular cast member in season three. Paul appeared briefly in the Mighty Morphin…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In Spring of 2006, under the bandname Coleman Smith, Paul Goddard released a fifty-minute long musical CD called "MOVE Coleman Smith". The CD consists of jazz and electronic music. Paul sings vocals for only three of the 11 songs, but is responsible for most of the instrumentals. On track 'Groovy', Claudia Black of Farscape sings vocals.

    • Paul loves vegemite and cheese.

    • Paul and Kate Winslet come from the same town in England 'Reading'. They worked together in the movie 'Holy Smoke' where they were brother and sister.

    • Most of Paul's career has been spent in theatre. Most of his work has been with the Sydney Theatre Company, Australia's most prominent Theatre Company.

    • Paul is crazy about Muppets and admit still watching Seasame Street when he was 14.

    • Paul was of the few actors on Farscape that only had to be about 10 minutes in the chair while most of the other actors had to be there for hours.

    • One of Paul's personal highlights from Farscape: the mini-series is his final scene with star Ben Browder, in which Stark not only reveals his feelings, but also his face beneath the mask.

    • Paul had heard romours about a possible Farscape revival but it wasn't until a few months before filming began that hew knew that the mini-series had been green-lit.

    • Paul has appeared in blockbusters such as The Matrix, as Agent Brown, Babe, Holy Smoke and The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

    • Paul's character 'Stark' was meant to be a two-episode character in Farscape. But the producers liked his character and brought him back on the second season. He even became a regular the third season.

    • Paul got the part of Stark after originally auditioning for Scorpius.

    • Paul's first feature film was 'Bullseye' in 1986.

    • Paul was born in the United Kingdom and now resides in Australia where he owns cows.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: It's so easy to raise the status of a character when they pull guns out and shoot people. You feel different.

    • Paul: It has become a health issue since seeing the ep. of Seinfield recently in which the dangers of brief wearing were carefully set out. I am inclining more frequently towards boxers and am increasing surprised with the sense claustophobia that I am experiencing when I return to a favoured pair of Calvins.

    • Paul: It's tricky playing an alien who is mentally unstable because you are not operating under the same perameters as if you were a human. You don't know what an alien's idea of stable is.

    • Paul: They don't pay me to act, they pay me to wait and I'm happy to do the acting for free.

    • Paul : (talking about Farscape: the mini-series) I was doing a play for the Sydney Theatre Company, and the woman whose company did the casting for Farscape came to see it, and said 'I've just done an availability check on you!' I called my agent the next day and they gave me the dates, but we didn't know what my commitment was going to be. I was in the UK visiting my mother when I started getting e-mails talking about negotiations and the extent of my commitment. Up until then, I didn't know if they were just going to pop me in for a day here and there, or I was in for the long haul. So that's when I found out that they wanted me for the whole thing, which was thrilling.

    • Paul: This is a joyful deflowering. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun talking about yourself?

    • Paul : (about his character Stark) I was able to play so many different notes with him. It was easy to find that wonderful balance that is the best of the writing for Stark, which is crazy one minute, and calm and centered the next minute, with this spiritual dimension coming to the fore.

    • Paul: Justin Monjo who was writing the first of the double-hander episode went through Drama College roughly the same time as I did, so he knew me and knew my work. And he thought that - he suggested me, I think, for this role. He thought that somehow I'd be able to play a little bit crazy.