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Paul Grellong

Paul Grellong

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  • I just watched the worst episode of SVU I've EVER seen!

    I've seen a lot of episodes of Law and Order SVU and I have to say I've never seen one with writing as bad as this.

    This episode is rich with expository dialog, awkward character interactions and the always lovely, characters who act very strange for no reason at all. I don't even know how to articulate everything that was wrong with this episode. They even had a cheesy "electronic" victim board that drew nifty blue and red lines from a huge photo of each victim to the place in the city that they had all visited. That's awesome, why didn't the folks at the NYC police department think of that? Someone should tell them to waste a bunch of money on something like that. If you are thinking about watching an episode of SVU I'd look for another one.moreless