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  • "Original, All-Time Great, Personal Favourite, Talented"...

    ...choose any of those descriptors and you have Paul Gross in a nutshell...assuming of course, you can put someone with such diverse talent into a nutshell!
    Two of the most brilliant series ever made in Canada were the "dramedy", "Due South" and the "comedrama", "Slings and Arrows". Both show's key characters by Paul Gross were deeply compelling and satisfying from all aspects.
    I enjoyed some of his quirkier movies too, like "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" with Wendy Crewson (Air Force One, 24, etc), and more recently his epic effort in telling the Canadian war drama "Passchendaele". It just won best picture at the Genie Awards.
    He's getting political too, on behalf of his calling; lobbying the Canadian Federal Government for more support for the Canadian Arts. With a membership that contains the likes of Paul Gross, I ask you Stephen Harper: What's not to Support??!!
  • Yet another talent that the US can't grasp.

    Like several of my faves, Paul Gross is another talented actor, singer, writer, director, producer that the US can't seem to grasp for his talent. Paul's ability to do the serious, the comedic, as well as the romantic is amazing. He has starred in two series that combine the serious and the comedic (Due South, Slings & Arrows) and has shown the world how truly talented he is. We even got a glimpse of his talent as a singer on Due South several times. He's got a long and varied acting career in both movies and TV, with some of the more memorable being roles he's written himself (Constable Benton Fraser, Geoffrey Tennant). Paul's got a grasp of comedy and timing that few actors naturally have. Part of this could be a result of his upbringing...constantly traveling and having to make new friends all the time (father's in the army). Paul also makes time for his fans when he can, since he's busy with work, family, and his battles for the Canadian film industry.

    Paul, like so many other talents from around the world, is real and that I think is why Hollywood and as a result, mainstream America can't grasp his talent for what it is: true talent and not something Hollywood would classify as talent....
  • a very talented actor, director, producer, singer, songwriter, ...

    i've only just seen paul gross in "due south" to be honest (but i'm looking forward to "sling & arrows"). his benton fraser is my all-time favourite when it comes to show characters. paul gross has done a wonderful job there, he's incredibly funny but then again very credible when it comes to tragedy and sadness (like in "victoria's secrets" for instance or when he sees his mother one last time and her and his father walk away forever in "call of the wild"). he manages to never let fraser appear ridiculous even when he shows some very weird and very unbigcitylike-behaviour. he provides his character with a deep humanity, intelligence and courage. fraser's naivety and his always believing in the good in people are very touching, the jokes made out of the difference between canadians and americans are very funny, the humour "due south" and paul gross provide us with often very eccentric (and there is nothing more hilarious than eccentric humour provided with supposedly deadly seriousness like often given us in "due south", especially by paul gross).

    well, there's one complaint i have, when it comes to paul gross. would someone please stop me from humming "ride forever" and "32 down on the Robert Mackenzie"! ;-)

    complement: i've only just seen the first season of "slings & arrows (the dvd has finally arrived from canada :-) ), he is as brilliant in this one as he was in "due south" and it's great to see him in a role very much different from benton fraser but still played with an absolut credibility that makes you feel very fond of geoffrey tennant right away.
  • I would have selected 'Give him/her a show!' only he already had a few! :D

    Paul Gross is one of my favourite actors. He is amazing! I love Due South and I looked up the other things that he was in and ordered a few of them. Men with Brooms and Cold Comfort are brilliant. He plays such different characters and yet they are so believable.

    His character in H2O has a lot of similarities to his character in Due South but also a lot of differences. I recommend getting the Canadian release of Season 4 of Due South just to listen to Paul's commentary of Call of the Wild. He is so funny.

    My dad once said I love Paul Gross more than I love him. Not true. I love my dad with all my heart but Paul Gross is the man I put on my bedroom walls. :)
  • Miss seeing him

    Paul Gross did something no actor has ever done, make me watch a cop show, and like the cop, he is one of the handsomest men I have ever seen, and is quite the good actor too, I loved Due South and Miss it very much, and as the series went on you saw all the diferant levels of Benton Fraser not just the always polite mountie, seen him in some other roles and he is a tremendous actor with great range