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  • Yet another talent that the US can't grasp.

    Like several of my faves, Paul Gross is another talented actor, singer, writer, director, producer that the US can't seem to grasp for his talent. Paul's ability to do the serious, the comedic, as well as the romantic is amazing. He has starred in two series that combine the serious and the comedic (Due South, Slings & Arrows) and has shown the world how truly talented he is. We even got a glimpse of his talent as a singer on Due South several times. He's got a long and varied acting career in both movies and TV, with some of the more memorable being roles he's written himself (Constable Benton Fraser, Geoffrey Tennant). Paul's got a grasp of comedy and timing that few actors naturally have. Part of this could be a result of his upbringing...constantly traveling and having to make new friends all the time (father's in the army). Paul also makes time for his fans when he can, since he's busy with work, family, and his battles for the Canadian film industry.

    Paul, like so many other talents from around the world, is real and that I think is why Hollywood and as a result, mainstream America can't grasp his talent for what it is: true talent and not something Hollywood would classify as talent....