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  • "Original, All-Time Great, Personal Favourite, Talented"...

    ...choose any of those descriptors and you have Paul Gross in a nutshell...assuming of course, you can put someone with such diverse talent into a nutshell!
    Two of the most brilliant series ever made in Canada were the "dramedy", "Due South" and the "comedrama", "Slings and Arrows". Both show's key characters by Paul Gross were deeply compelling and satisfying from all aspects.
    I enjoyed some of his quirkier movies too, like "Getting Married in Buffalo Jump" with Wendy Crewson (Air Force One, 24, etc), and more recently his epic effort in telling the Canadian war drama "Passchendaele". It just won best picture at the Genie Awards.
    He's getting political too, on behalf of his calling; lobbying the Canadian Federal Government for more support for the Canadian Arts. With a membership that contains the likes of Paul Gross, I ask you Stephen Harper: What's not to Support??!!