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    • Theatrical Credits:
      A Midsummer Night's Dream as Lysander (Northern Lights Theatre, Edmonton, Canada, 1980)
      As You Like It as Silvius (Northern Lights Theatre, 1980)
      St. Joan as Dunois, D' Estivet, attendant (Northern Lights Theatre, 1981)
      The Winter's Tale as Florizel (Northern Lights Theatre, 1981)
      Mrs. Warren's Profession as Frank Gardner (Theatre Calgary, Canada, 1981)
      Unseen Hand (Theatre Calgary, 1982)
      Father West as Raglan (Theatre Calgary, 1982)
      The Deer and the Antelope Play as Woody, CC, Mary, Jimmy (Theatre Network, Edmonton, Canada, 1982)
      Take Me Where the Water's Warm as Donald Lampert (Festival Lennoxville, Lennoxville, Canada, 1982)
      The Kite as Motherwell (Festival Lennoxville, 1982)
      Walsh as Constable Clarence Underhill (National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada, 1983)
      In the Jungle of Cities as George Garga (Toronto Free Theatre, Canada, 1983)
      Successful Strategies as Dorante (Centaur Theatre, Montreal, Canada, 1985)
      Romeo and Juliet as Romeo (Toronto Free Theatre, High Park, 1985)
      Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching toward the Somme (Canadian Stage, Toronto, Canada, 1988)
      Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Brick (Manitoba Theatre Center, Winnipeg, Canada, 1989)
      The Ruling Class as Jack, 14th Earl of Gurney (Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 2000)
      Hamlet as Hamlet (Festival Theatre, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, 2000)
      The Picture of Dorian Gray as Dorian Gray (Avon Theatre, Stratford, Ontario, 2000)
      St. Jon, Assistant Director (1984)