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  • Underated.

    Great actor. Great on "CSI".
  • Cool personality

    He is serious and a great leader in CSI... knowledgeable in his field and holds a force of his own. Awesome role playing here!
  • Brass uses more sarcasm on CSI than the rest of the cast out together. Never a bad thing.

    Although I've only seen Guilfoyle in CSI- I think that the rest of the world would have to agree that it is by far his most memorable role.

    My first impressions of his character in CSI were not altogether positive- an aggravated boss who liked control and didn't see eye to eye with my favourite Bugman, Grissom.

    However, as the show progressed, and he took a slightly more background role- I've wanted him on screen more and more (ironic-huh?). Brass, along with Greg Sanders, are the chief scene-stealers out of all the CSI's. The best lines, quips and storylines are his to own- and Guilfoyle handles by portraying an almost comic character, but with razor-sharp intellect and zero-tolerance for the bad guys. More Brass-centered episodes have been both entertaining and interesting to watch, and I firmly believe that without Jim Brass, CSI would be a whole lot duller.
  • I love Jim Brass

    I love Jim Brass. Yes, he looks like an ass on the outside but on the inside he is loving and caring. He doesn't deserve the hated. Yes, I must admit, I didn't like him at first, but now I do, after I noticed that he actually cares about everyone (in "The Gone Dead Train" he even said to Cat "you should have called me!" - this proves that cares about everyone). He's officially one of my favourite characters.

    I love his character. He is charming and sweet. I don't see him very often, I'd like to see more of him. CSI wouldn't be the same without him, I must admit!

    He deserves more attention!

    ^^ :)
  • An overlooked gem in a treasure trove.

    Curently, Paul Guilfoyle is the wise-cracking, jaded policeman, Captain Jim Brass, on CSI. In light of tonight's Season 5 repeat, I thought I'd sing the man's praises a little.

    Brass is the first role I became aware of the actor. He is a believer in science and Grissom's sometimes wacky methods, but he is his own man and has painfully disagreed with his friend.

    Mr. Guilfoyle brings an anchoring presence to Grissom and his fellow criminalists, but he also is good for a one-liner or to share the rare adult beverage with Grissom. He put out a friendly word to Sara, and has worked smoothly with Warrick and Nick.

    I have enjoyed Mr. Guilfoyle as Brass, so I will be seeking out and stopping down to see his other performances too!
  • Paul has quick wit and a great sense of humour which makes him a gem to watch.

    Paul Guilfoyle is overlooked alot but in his role of Jim Brass in CSI he is an absolute treasure. He brings a wit to the sometimes heavy programme, he has a long carear in front him which he throughly deserves! He has very watchable nature which brings something frsh to CSI!
  • I love him as brass on CSI he is so funny!!!

    This man is such a great actor and he shows different emotions so well and i love him for that! I think that he is over looked a lot and I think he should get more air time or be in more movies. I think that he looks like a really funny guy and he plays Captian Brass so well but the problem for me is that i think that science he plays him so well that i cant see him as any other person lol but all around i think that he is a stand up guy anf a great actor and think he should do more work.