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  • An overlooked gem in a treasure trove.

    Curently, Paul Guilfoyle is the wise-cracking, jaded policeman, Captain Jim Brass, on CSI. In light of tonight's Season 5 repeat, I thought I'd sing the man's praises a little.

    Brass is the first role I became aware of the actor. He is a believer in science and Grissom's sometimes wacky methods, but he is his own man and has painfully disagreed with his friend.

    Mr. Guilfoyle brings an anchoring presence to Grissom and his fellow criminalists, but he also is good for a one-liner or to share the rare adult beverage with Grissom. He put out a friendly word to Sara, and has worked smoothly with Warrick and Nick.

    I have enjoyed Mr. Guilfoyle as Brass, so I will be seeking out and stopping down to see his other performances too!