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Paul Johansson

Paul Johansson


1/26/1964, Spokane, Washington, USA

Birth Name

Paul Joseph Otto Johansson



Also Known As

Dan Scott, Paul Johannson
  • What happened to redemption, Dan Scott? ...
  • Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) succumbs to l...
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Paul Johanson is an American-Canadian actor, who is also best known for playing Dan Scott in The hit television series, One Tree Hill, and best known for his role as Nick Wolfe in the short lived TV series "Highlander: The Raven". Johansson is a writer, as well as…more


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    • Paul: I go through airports and 13-year-old girls will move their seats to get away from me. I'm "the mean dad." But moms are a whole other story! They like the bad boy. I get eyes from women pushing quadruplets and think, "This is weird." [Laughs]

    • Paul: What am I looking for? That's an immitable question that has to answer itself, you can never lay something out, you just know when you know. You loose out when you set up parameters.

    • Paul: I love Dead Can Dance. They're offbeat but I really dig them. Throw me back to the old stuff, the Stones, or old, old David Bowie stuff.

    • Paul: I lived in Hollywood for 1/2 years, and New York as much as I can. L.A., you have to seek out the good parts of the city, I don't fall into the trap of L.A. dissing, because where ever you live you can make a good life. My career is my fun. I take great satisfaction in writing and taking opportunities instead of waiting for life to offer me something. My writing, acting and directing is my fun and I am very much obsessed by it and it brings me great happiness.

    • Paul: I'm a big fan and a friend of the producers of all the Highlander creations. I am happy to be involved in the concept. I played her long lost ex-lover.

    • Paul: Harrison Ford is my favorite hero because he doesn't win every time. He's putting something on the line when he fights. He can get hurt. If you have nothing to lose, what's the point of even getting in the game?

    • Paul: I am usually up before the sun rises, and I'm lucky to get home before dark. We put in long hours.

    • Paul: If people don't agree with anything I'm saying, please use your cybersword and lop my head off! But don't expect a Quickening, being a lowly human.

    • Paul: Spend an hour a day listening to your own thoughts.

    • Paul: I got into acting through writing.

  • The sad thing is, I think we do not see enough of Paul Johansson. Many artists fall into a category, "meanest man on TV," "Most comical," etc...I honestly would love to see Paul do a romance...something like the Road to Rodanthe...moreless

    In some scenes from OTH, you can see a very sensitive and caring man. It's just not portrayed that way on the show, hence why I would love to see him do a very powerful romance movie..again, RtR or the Notebook...(funny since he was in the Notebook). But I want to see him as the leading man. Paul has a mysterious sexiness and the woman who notice, fall hard! It almost encourages me to finally "finish" a novel that has a part he would play in! I may have to play his leading lady..lol! That is, if it ever made the big screen! I am not sure what he is working on these days since the last review on here was in 08 and it's May of 09 but I hope he takes more offers so those of us who appreciate the "meanest man on TV" don't go through withdrawls. The other thing that needs to happen is some updates on his webpage. I think the last time anyone was on there was back in 06. Even a contact would be nice since most artists nowadays have a way to show their appreciation and respect, etc. I'd be interested in knowing more about this athlete, actor, writer, scuba diver, director, etc....I am sure all of you would to. A fan club would be cool...showing his info, favorites, filmography, charities, contests, sort of like an "all about Paul." I was watching Paul on youtube and he said a lady hit him with nickels in NY for being the "bad guy"...that is a hard role for him to play...since some people really are "whacked out" not understanding that it's fantasty vs. real....and come on now, we all love a bad boy now don't we?? haha. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about Mr. Johansson!moreless
  • Mr. Johansson is one of the most hated fathers on television if not the most hated. He portrays Dan Scott very well and it is an honor for One Tree Hill to have him. I hope he continues being the most hated father on television.moreless

    He started to act in the late 1980s with his first film Swimsuit and his first show appearance in "Santa Barbara". Then he began acting in famous television shows like "Beverly Hills: 90210", "7th Heaven", "Dharma and Greg", and his most famous role as Dan Scott in the best television show, "One Tree Hill". He has also been in great film like Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, Glory Glory, The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, Window Theory, The Notebook, Alpha Dog, and Toxic. He is one of the best adult actors on television just for the fact that he made America hate him as Dan Scott. I hope he continues to strike America.moreless