Paul Kim

Paul Kim


3/26/1981, Saratoga, California, USA

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Paul Kim


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Paul Kim hails from Saratoga, California, USA. He attended Liberty Baptist School, Quimby Oak Middle School and Monta Vista High School. Paul auditioned for "American Idol" because he wanted to alter the stereotypical Asian image that William Hung gave during the first season. He got praised by the…more


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    • Paul (on R&B music): People find it boring now -- it's too slow, it's too cheesy. That might be the case, but I want to bring something new to the table.

    • Paul (on not wearing shoes while performing): They all thought it was some gimmick, which it wasn't, but I guess it was portrayed that way on the show.

    • Paul (on his performance during the first week): I knew going into that first week that if I didn't blow everybody away... I wouldn't get enough votes. And obviously I didn't blow everybody away because I was sick and had horrible song choice.

    • Paul (on why he was eliminated from "American Idol"): I don't think it has anything to do with me being Asian, I think it's just, I didn't have a huge fan-base as the show started. There were certain people on the show, they could have just gone up there, screamed for ten seconds and just dropped the mic, and be there next week because they had a huge fan-base.

  • A fairly good performer

    Paul Kim is no Stevie Wonder or Frank Sinatra, but has an amazing voice and a huge amount of potential. His voice is very unique and that is probably why I enjoy listening to him sing even if he is not that good. His voice is different. It's like Vanilla icecream is always good, but you have Cheese icecream and once in a while you'd like to have it, even if Vanilla tastes so much better. He also performs without foot wear, I find it very unique, but it's a desperate attempt to be different in my opinion. He is a decent guy though.moreless