Paul Koslo





6/27/1944 , Germany

Birth Name




Paul Koslo is an actor who was born in Germany and was raised in Canada. Born Manfred Koslowski on June 27, 1944, he is most active as an actor during the 1970's. He first appeared in a movie at age 22 via "Little White Crimes" in 1966 which started a prolific acting career. Among his film credits are the cult classics "Nam's Angels," "Vanishing Point," "The Omega Man," "Joe Kidd," and "The Stone Killer." One of his memorable roles is as the small-time hood Bobby Kopas who was harassing melon farmer Charles Bronson in 1974's "Mr. Majestyk." Other relevant portrayals were as a Jewish concentration camp survivor in the critically lauded "Voyage of the Damned" and as the mayor in the film "Heaven's Gate." His roles after these were mostly as villains. During the late 1970's to the mid-80's, Paul became more visible in television. He had regular guest appearances in ""The Incredible Hulk," "The A-Team," "Matlock," "MacGyver," and "The Fall Guy." Paul failed to duplicate his earlier success in films in the 1990's. His 1993 film "Chained Heat II" and 1999 movie "Inferno" were only released on video. Paul has a child with wife Allaire Paterson whom he married in 1997.