Paul Leyden

Paul Leyden


12/16/1972, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Paul Augustine Leyden


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Parents: John and Ros Siblings: John, Kate, Simone, Michael Graduated from Monash University (Australia) with a degree in Economics and from National Institute of Dramatic Arts (Sydney, Australia) with a degree in dramatic arts. Plays saxophone and guitar. Runs production company Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with 2 friends called Wandering Wolf Productions.more


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    • Paul: (about how he wants to guest star on Nip/Tuck) I would take no money to be on that show! Well, very little...I just think that's great television. It's a great soap opera, as well. I mean, it's the best soap opera there is-- it's uncensored. You can do what you want. I love the plots, the characters, and how they don't take any prisoners on the way!

  • He Rocks!

    Since the first time I saw Paul Leyden in As the World Turns I have been a fan of him. I mean when I just look at that guy, I fell in love ;) Paul Leyden is just very charming and very gorgeous. But I do not like him just for his good looks, I also like him, cause he's just talented. I truly think that he is a great actor and I do feel a lot of the time that he is underrated. I also loved his character on L.A.X. and it was such a shame that it got cancelled. And I think that we should see more of him!moreless
  • I have always enjoyed Mr. Leyden's performances, be they LAX or As the World Turns or a simple guest-starring role. I will always watch something in which he is sure to be seen. I am heartbroken to have not seen him lately!moreless

    I love this guy! He has the charm and dangerous air of the next James Bond. I'll admit I still want him to return to his role as Simon Frasier on As the World Turns (please consider coming back!) but I'd enjoy him anywhere, just get back out there so I can indulge in not only some delicious eye-candy but also a very talented performance!