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Paul Lynde Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Paul was a stand-up comedian at the Number One Fifth Avenue nightclub in New York City before being "discovered" appearing in a Broadway play, New Faces Of 1952.

    • Paul's tombstone has his birthyear incorrectly shown as 1927, instead of 1926, and has not been changed.

    • Paul was 5 feet 11 inches tall.

    • When Paul was 10 years old, he became very ill with peritonitis after an appendectomy and was bed-ridden for nearly a year. His mother out his bed in the dining and continually fed him, which led to his lifelong eating disorder after his gaining 100 pounds in that period of time.

    • Paul had a specially-built sofa made for his Beverly Hills home that could seat up to 30 people, which he called "the orgy couch."

    • Paul gave diet tips in Mission Impossible star Peter Lupus' book, "Celebrity Body Book" (1980).

    • Paul beat out Tony Randall, the producers' initial choice, for the voice of Templeton, the rat, in Charlotte's Web (1973).

    • Paul was a Boy Scout as a child.

    • Paul had three brothers (Richard, Corydon, Johnny) and two sisters (Helen, Grace).

    • One of Paul's early jobs was as an ambulance driver, and according to Paul: "I wore the cap, the white coat, and loved to go tearing through the streets with bells clanging. Then one night I answered an emergency call and found my patient was already dead. Somehow I got him into the ambulance but got so sick and frightened I threw my uniform away and left the scene. For all I know, the stiff and the ambulance might still be parked where I left them."

    • Paul's personal friends included Johnathan Winters, Elizabeth Montgomery, Maya Angelou, Harvey Korman, Lucille Ball, Kaye Ballard, and Alice Ghostley.

    • Paul was honored by his hometown of Mount Vernon, Ohio, with a "Paul Lynde Day" on July 10, 1963.

    • Paul was featured on the cover of TV Guide on February 10, 1973, and cover of People Magazine on September 13, 1976.

    • Paul was made an honorary member of Weight Watchers in 1977.

    • Paul lived on the floor above the town jail as a boy, where his father was sheriff.

    • Paul won two Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement In Daytime Programming in 1975 and 1979 for his work on "Hollywood Squares."

    • Paul hired David Letterman to write jokes for him in October 1976.

    • The coroner who examined his body said he had the heart of an eighty-eight year old man.

    • To explain his lifelong bachelorhood to fans (at a time when "coming out" was not possible), he often told them his high school sweetheart had broken his heart, and he was still too hurt to date other women.

    • For most of his life, he fought to control a weight problem.

    • Although he never publicly admitted he was gay, it was well known among his friends and family, and an "open secret" in Hollywood.

  • Quotes

    • Paul Lynde: Sometimes, I think you're better off not being married today. When you see your married friends split up, it's devastating. Call it scared! Call it an obsession. But I took it for granted I was going to marry a girl I went with for nine years. That is, until I received her wedding invitation.

    • Paul Lynde: I'm used to living alone, and I like it that way. You become so selfish living alone...I'd make a terrible husband anyway.

    • (A question on The Hollywood Squares)

      Peter Marshall: Paul, can anything bring a tear to a monkey's eye?

      Paul Lynde: Only finding out that Tarzan swings both ways.

    • Paul Lynde: I always wanted to be Anna May Wong. She seemed so much more exotic and exciting than plain ordinary folk. But no-go. I wasn't fated to be Wong, just white.