Paul McCrane





1/19/1961 , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Paul David McCrane




Paul McCrane was born in Philadelphia in 1961. He started learning to play the guitar in his teenage years, and even wrote a song at the age of 16 for his girlfriend. However, although he was interested in music, he also wanted to pursue a career in acting.

He landed his first role in 1977 in a theater production of 'Landscape of the Body'. In following years he got many more roles in both Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

He got his first movie role in 1980, in the film Fame, in which the song he wrote as a teenage was also included.

Since then he has had several roles in popular movies such as Rocky II, Robocop and The Shawshank Redemption.

However he is probably best known for his television roles. He played the character of Robert 'rocket' Romano on ER for many years, until he was written out of the show.

Since then he has also taken the time to start directing, and has completed several episodes of ER, and also single episodes of other popular shows such as Without A Trace.

He continues to work on television projects and has currently got a role on 24.

He got married in 1998 to Dana Kellin, and has since had two children. They currently reside in Los Angeles, California.