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  • He's not on ER anymore but He'll always Be Dr. Romano Wherever I see Him on TV

    God, Paul McCrane's a Fantastic Actor! he can Play a character you Love to Hate (Dr. Romano on "ER") Or A Spooky/Sick Character (Leonard Betts on "The X-Files") or Just a character your not sure weather he's good or Bad Yet (Graham on "24"). He's The Best at what he dose and I Love him!

    Everytime I See him on TV I always say "Hey Look! It's Dr. Romano!" lol Paul McCrane Rocks!
  • How can you not love this completely unquie and hateful character. Dr. Robert "Rocket" Ramano was truly one of the greatest characters to grace the cast of ER.

    From first meeting the character of Robert Ramano I couldn't help but hate him and his argumentative attitude. His unpleasant sexually comments and his unwillingness to be liked made me hate him even more. However, after it all I couldn’t help but love Dr. Ramano. His unique and unforgettable character keep me glued to the show. Watching each week and hoping to hate the character of Ramano even more but finding myself more fascinated and infatuated with the character. I began longing for his character to be developed more and more and in the end his death was truly the sadness on the show.